THE ROPE CURSE 2 (2020) Reviews and overview of Taiwanese horror

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The Rope Curse 2 is a 2020 Taiwanese supernatural horror film about a conflicted Taoist priest who tried to rid a woman of a demon. The movie is a sequel to The Rope Curse (2018).

Directed by Shih-Han Liao from a screenplay written by Tzu-Ming Ma, the movie stars Kang-sheng Lee, Wilson Hsu and Vera Chen.


After a purification ritual unravels, a conflicted Taoist priest attempts to help a lonely young psychic whose aunt is possessed by a powerful demon…


“This is a goofy, campy horror movie that does not loom too heavy on your head. Instead, you get to giggle through it while seeing goofy possessions taking place in front of your eyes. The story could’ve been way better, but its inclusion of traditional folk religion is interesting. However, without any scares, it becomes quite boring and lacklustre.” Leisure Byte

“The film works best when the ritualistic proceedings are going on. And supported by some lush visuals and lighting, makes the film a decent treat for fans into Asian horror. The spirit causing chaos might need some help in her make-up and characterisation, but the native spiritual practices maintain this film as satisfying horror fodder.” Morgan Awyong

Liao’s direction is slick and visually arresting throughout, while performances from Hsu, Lee and Chen play their part in selling the somewhat convoluted narrative.
Unfortunately, The Rope Curse 2 never manages to be scary. Liao is too focused on recreating authentic costumes and make-up for the elaborate song rou zong rituals […] As a result, the numerous possessions, levitation and incantations fail to make much of an impact.” South China Morning Post

“The script could also be tighter and streamlined for a more intense experience, but it’s clear that director Liao Shih-han (廖士涵) put a lot of thought into it as most of it made sense and did not bore. The various supernatural folklore are not just gimmicks to tell a superficial horror story designed just to frighten, and it speaks to the audience on several levels beyond what’s presented. That puts it above your standard ghost tale.” Taipei Times

“Fans of horror films could do a lot worse than this one and fans of Asian horror films may well find a new favourite here. I highly recommend.” Trailer Trashed

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THE ROPE CURSE (2018) Review and overview

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