BURN IT ALL (2021) Reviews of female-revenge thriller

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Burn It All is a 2021 American thriller film about a broken woman who returns to her hometown to bury her deceased mother. Unfortunately, she discovers that a violent organ smuggling ring already has the body and wants no witnesses…

Written and directed by Brady Hall (7 Witches), the IOB Films production stars Elizabeth Cotter, Emily Gateley, Ryan Postell and Elena Flory-Barnes.


The sudden death of her estranged mother shakes Alex (Elizabeth Cotter) from a suicidal spiral and she returns to a hometown she vowed to never set foot in again.

As she quickly discovers, a criminal underworld is running an organ harvesting operation and her mother’s body is next up for processing. Over the next twenty-four hours, Alex fights to reclaim her mother, save her sister’s life and overcome a lifetime of self-doubt…

Publicity blurb:

“Newcomer Elizabeth Cotter brings years of stunt fighting and acting experience to the role of Alex, performing nearly every fight and stunt herself. She is supported by a cast of seasoned acting veterans and talented fresh faces that help the film fight above its budgetary weight class. A small, scrappy crew worked hard in the cold, dark days of the Pacific Northwest Winter to craft a story as unflinching as it is hopeful.

Burn It All takes on all the ways men assault the minds and bodies of women, shines a critical and non-exploitative light on that ugliness and wraps it all in the thrilling tale of one woman who refuses to be crushed by patriarchy. To its climactic conclusion Burn It All explores allegories of body autonomy that elevates above mere cinematic drama and introduces the opportunity to start a conversation.”


“There is a borderline grindhouse vibe to Burn It All with the movie not afraid to get bloody and violent. At the same time, the movie never becomes grim or gross. Burn It All is an incredibly watchable movie filled with clever asides and a compelling lead performance by newcomer Elizabeth Cotter.” Vocal.Media

Burn It All is a very low-budget film and at times that shows […], It actually makes the film seem more like a 70s or 80s drive-in/straight-to-VHS film than a lot of films that try to be retro. so, while it’s not the typical glossy female revenge film like Army of One, or as brutal as I Spit on Your Grave it’s still an entertaining watch. Elizabeth Cotter’s Alex looks like a woman who’s been through hell and came out tough enough to fight a war. And it’s fun to watch when she does it.” Voices from the Balcony


Vertical Entertainment released Burn It All theatrically in select locations and on VOD on February 19th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Elizabeth Cotter … Alex
Emily Gateley … Jenny
Ryan Postell … Travis
Elena Flory-Barnes … Donna
Greg Michaels … Bishop
John Branch … King
Nick Sage Palmieri … Matty
Adrian Renon … Curtis
Tyler Scowcroft … Justin
Lance Caver … Bill
Darryl Yust … Messenger
Bradley Goodwill … Doctor
Dave Shecter … Fourth Party guy
Jessica Cruz … Gas Station Woman
Tyler Roy Roberts … Knight Enforcer

Filming locations:

Seattle, Washington

Technical details:

102 minutes



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