SKIN COLLECTOR aka SHIVER (2012) Reviews and overview

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‘The perfect killer has met his match’

Skin Collector is a 2012 American horror thriller film about a serial killer who becomes obsessed with the only victim to survive his attack; a shy young secretary with an indomitable will to survive. When the psychopath penetrates police lines to abduct his target, she must draw on all her resources to survive the ordeal. Originally released as Shiver

Directed by Julian Richards (Reborn; Daddy’s Girl; Summer Scars; The Last Horror Movie; Darklands) from a screenplay written by Robert D. Weinbach (The Mutations), based on a novel by Brian Harper. Produced by A.J. Gordon and Robert D. Weinbach.

The movie stars Danielle Harris (Redwood Massacre: Annihilation; Victor Crowley; Halloween 4 and 5), John Jarratt (Boar; Wolf Creek and sequel; Needle), Casper Van Dien (Dead Water; Alpha Wolf; Starship Troopers), Rae Dawn Chong (Reborn; The Borrower; Tales from the Darkside: The Movie) and executive producer Brad Harris (Lady Dracula; The Mutations; The Mad Butcher).

The soundtrack score was composed by Richard Band (The Deep Ones; The Resurrected; Re-Animator; The House on Sorority Row).

New release:

In the UK, Skin Collector will be released on DVD and VOD on 15th February by Danse Macabre, an imprint of Jinga Films.


“The acting by Danielle Harris as Wendy gets very believable in her role as the hunted. I like her interesting performance as the victim who resists and she ups the fear factor with her Gryphon encounters. In support, both Van Dean and Chong make their detective roles believable and increase the tension with their encounters with the wicked killer. But the film belongs to John Jarratt as the Gryphon with his stirring depiction of a character so diabolical that he made me cringe.” Aced magazine

“Everything from the story to the script to the ending feels like a million other films we all have seen before. The Gryphon’s mad rants and the pleadings from Wendy are made of some of the most melodramatic and clichéd dialog you’re ever going to see. In every way, the story, direction, and tone of Shiver is bleh.” Ain’t It Cool News

“The film itself is fairly formulaic stalker/slasher fare, but Jarret’s creepy performance as Vinnie Rood elevates it to a higher level.” Boof 65

“While I would not consider the film to be anywhere near as suspenseful as the ads would lead you to believe, it is always interesting, though were it not for the central performance by Mr Jarratt as Franklin, it would have been no different than the recent horror outings such as Choose (2010) and ATM (2012). Shiver is a step above these films and keeps you focused until the final frame.” Cinema Retro

“An already bumpy ride becomes more so when the wheels come off the wagon in the movie’s latter half.  Shiver splices in lackluster moments that include a heatless relationship between Danielle Harris and her onscreen beau, an insultingly contrived eleventh-hour romance, a silly second ending dream sequence, and an unfortunate misuse of digital blood spray and pump-action shotgun sound effects.” Culture Crypt

“Ultimately, Richards isn’t really bringing anything all that new to the serial killer movie, though what he provides is at least entertaining. Harris makes this worth seeing if you have an interest in the genre, so long as you go in understanding that at times this can be a bit by the numbers. It is, however, gritty and atmospheric and fairly entertaining.” DVD Talk

” …director Richards makes the most of some visually arresting locations; gives us several powerfully visceral set-pieces and a deliciously macabre unveiling when killer ‘Rood’ treats ‘Wendy’ to his little ‘light-show’. Some ropey digital blood effects lessen the impact of a key shoot-out scene […] But Shiver is Danielle Harris’ film, and her performance alone is worth the price of admission.” Fleapits and Picture Palaces

“I thought that Shiver pretty much ruled. I enjoyed it and thought that it was one of the best suspense/thrillers that I have seen in a very long time. I really don’t have any complaints about it and think that anyone who enjoys a nice suspenseful movie will really love this film. Check it out if you get a chance, you won’t be let down.” Horror News

“The Gryphon is a demented serial killer that is most memorable and played superbly, as is Danielle Harris’ leading role.  The film is not without its faults, some of the characters actions leave you scratching your head, but it doesn’t really detract from the film’s overall enjoyment. Shiver is dark, disturbing and a hell of a freaky ride, highly recommended!” Horror Society

“I felt that Danielle Harris’ character was a little “flat”. She lacked a “little something” in the film. I couldn’t really feel for her or connect with her. John Jarrett who plays Franklin Rood/the Gryphon did an excellent job. He nailed it as a totally off his rocker nut case. He did play a socially awkward dork that you can tell was picked on a lot as a child.” She Scribes

“I was pleasantly surprised with this film and the thing that most attracted me to it, the cast, was awesome.  One of Danielle’s best performances in my opinion.  She really nails it.  Especially with a role you don’t generally see Danielle in […] I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish.  It keeps the audience involved throughout the whole movie with rarely a dull moment.” Twisted Central

Shiver defied my expectations; I expected a B horror film loaded with every cliché known to the horror genre, and granting that the film does not break new ground in this respect, it still managed to entertain and to keep my interest […] it had great pacing; something was always happening, so I never had a chance to grow bored with the plot.” Upcoming Discs

Cast and characters:

Danielle Harris … Wendy Alden
John Jarratt … Franklin Rood
Casper Van Dien … Detective Delgado
Rae Dawn Chong … Detective Burdine
Brad Harris … The Captain
Valerie Harper … Audrey Alden
Nikita Esco … Kathy (as Natalie Sesko)
Shan Applegate … Jeffrey
Lisa Foiles … Jennifer
Casey Hogrefe … Officer Melinski
Drew Barrios … Officer Porter
Mckenzie Coffee … Julia / Julia’s Severed Head
Dino Castagno … Officer Braden
Ken Jeffers … Officer Van Ness
David Bodin … Mr Khouri (as David Bodine)
Mike G. Mike G. … Inmate Sanchez
Alex Hill … Prison Bus Guard
Garfield Wedderburn … Handcuffed Man
Terry Ward … Mr Cashman
Delcie Adams … Receptionist
Alina Johnson … Nurse
Ruthann Lentz … Reporter
Laura Weinbach … Jazz Singer
Anton Patzner … Violinist (as Anton Patznar)
Jessica Sokolowski … Server
Hannah Stein … Server
Julian Richards … Police Officer
Andrew Koraleski … Police Officer
Joe Dustin … Police Officer
Paul Welch … Police Officer
Yona Prost … Police Officer / Elizabeth’s Severed Head
Connor Wilks … Detective
Britta Hellquist … Forensics Detective
Robert A. D’Esposito … Forensics Detective (as Robert D’Esposito)
Matthew Karchesky … Forensics Detective
Savannah Kay Gordon … Police Station Call Girl (as Savannah Johnson)
Heather Dominguez … Police Station Call Girl
A.J. Gordon … Security Guard
Stephanie Batten … Paramedic
Leah Esther Gordon … Paramedic (as Leah Gordon)
Matthew Ambrose … Bully
Dodi Vega … Bully
Joshua Ambrose … Young Rood

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California
Portland, Oregon

Technical details:

91 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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