BIGFOOT: THE CONSPIRACY (2020) Reviews and overview


Bigfoot: The Conspiracy is a 2020 American mystery thriller film about a retired Border Patrol agent who discovers that maybe Bigfoot exists. Unsure of what he should do, he is certain he must protect his family. He soon discovers further complexities in this hidden in plain sight world.

Written, directed by and starring Chris Simoes, the Simoes Productions-Watkins Films production also stars Ian Isaksson, Dave R. Watkins, Betsy M. Mitchell and Joshua Haire.


“With its lack of monster attacks or even sightings, you might think Bigfoot: The Conspiracy would be fairly dull. Surprisingly writer/director Chris Simoes keeps things fairly interesting. He mixes bizarre theories, dark sunglasses-wearing feds and plenty of footage of the Georgia woods […] The effect is something like a cross between one of those old documentaries such as Bigfoot: Man or Beast? and a cheap spy film.” Voices from the Balcony

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Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Jim Adams … Danny
David Bakara … Self
Chris Burns … Riggs
Jace C. … Pop’s Son
Chris Carter … Bartender
Jimmy Cheshire … Barlow
Valerie Demore … Hiker 2
Ricky Eubanks … Pops
Jonny Fiscarelli … Camper 4
Denise Garlinghouse … Witness 2
Grant Garlinghouse … Karl
Joshua Haire … Kurt
Ian Isaksson … Cortez
John Paul Kakos … Garrett
Paul Kakos … Kershaw
Lashay Lanier … Thomas
Patrick Lemon … Driskell
Jess Marciante … Camper 2
Betsy M. Mitchell … Brooke
Tripp Patterson … Smith
Brian Schnitta … Infomercial Host
Richard M. Shipley … Hiker 1
Alexa Simoes … Camper 3
Chris Simoes … Dante
Makayla Simoes … Camper 5
Reyna Simoes … Camper6
Shane Simoes … Camper 1
Whitney Sullins … Sadie
Peg Thon … Mary
Tom Thon … Charlie
Joe Walsh … Mr Ravish
Dave R. Watkins … Hutchins
Sam Wofford … Witness 1

Technical details:

77 minutes

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