THE SADNESS (2021) Preview of Taiwanese zombie infection horror


The Sadness is a 2021 Taiwanese science-fiction horror film about a deadly virus that causes human beings to mutate into zombies.

Written and directed by Rob Jabbaz – making his feature debut – the movie stars Berant Zhu (How to Train Our Dragon), Regina, Tzu-Chiang WangRalf Chiu and Ying-Ru Chen.


Many human beings have been infected by a new type of virus and begin to mutate, and attack innocent people. Meanwhile, others try to find a cure. With the spread of the new virus, people all over the world are becoming numb to the situation. No one believes that the mutation of the virus and the Tibet crisis is coming. Junzhe and his girlfriend Kai Ting discuss when the epidemic will end, but try to continue their lives as normal.

One morning, after Junzhe drives Kai Ting to work they become separated, having witnessed attacks by unknown thugs: including the breakfast shop owner being beaten and bitten by his grandmother, the neighbour next door running into the street with a weapon, and frequent rabid riots in various places.

Panic and screams spread throughout the city. Infected anomalous humans are everywhere. Who can survive the horror of violence and killing? How does Junzhe find a way to survive and save his beloved girlfriend who is missing?


January 22nd 2021.

Original title:

哭悲 “Cry”

Technical details:

99 minutes
Audio: D-Cinema 48kHz 5.1