SHADOWLAND (2021) Review of British action horror


‘They sought sanctuary. They found him.’

Shadowland is a 2021 British action horror film about an ex-serviceman who seeks refuge for his team in rural Scotland. The consequences are devasting…

Written and directed by Simon David Kay, the Dark Brood Pictures-Valiant Son Motion Pictures production stars Amelia Eve, Ben Keenan, Jason Harvey, Colin MacDougall, Rebecca Finch, Vivien Taylor and Stuart Daly.

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“A promising debut that excels in building a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, uses a talented cast well and takes full advantage of the unique setting. Much of the film is focused on the characters biding their time and growing progressively more frustrated with the situation as well as each other. This helps to heighten the tension greatly…” Kneel Before Blog

Release date:

Shadowland is released on Digital in the UK by Evolutionary Films on 1st March 2021.

Cast and characters:

Amelia Eve … Elaine
Ben Keenan … Cam
Jason Harvey … Mickey
Rebecca Finch … Dillon
Vivien Taylor … Jamie
Colin MacDougall … Gary
Susan Coyle … Mary
Lily Cooper … Sandy
Stuart Daly … Eli
Tony Greengrass … Kane
Nigel Miles-Thomas … Major Casey
Nathaniel Cowper … Soldier
Keith Porter … Victorian
Gordon Houston … Young Kane
Valerie Adler … Russian Hiker

Technical details:

74 minutes