JACK THE RIPPER (2016) Reviews and overview of German twist on the serial killer


Jack the Ripper is a 2016 German TV thriller film about a young woman from Germany who gets caught up in the serial killer’s reign of terror.

Directed by Sebastian Niemann from a screenplay by Holger Karsten Schmidt, the Pantaleon Films-Fireworks Entertainment production stars Sonja Gerhardt, Falk Hentschel, Nicholas Farrell and Sabin Tambrea.


London, 1888 – Young German photographer Anna Kosminski (Sonja Gerhardt) travels to London to start a new life with her brother Jakob (Vladimir Burlakov). Once there, she learns that Jacob is in a mental hospital and is accused of being the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper. But Anna is sure: her brother is not a murderer.

She begins on her own to investigate and the trail leads them to the shop of police photographer Samuel Harris (Nicholas Farrell), where her brother lived and worked. Samuel Harris is helpful, however, Anna remains suspicious of the sinister old man. The investigating commissioner Frederick Abberline (Falk Hentschel) and Jacob’s friend David Cohen (Sabin Tambrea) also offer their help. Who can she really trust?

Pretty soon, Anna floats in the greatest danger and gets caught in the sights of the serial killer – and no matter what Anna does, Jack the Ripper always seems to be one step ahead of her…


“A pleasant surprise. Won’t knock your socks off, but not too bad. Much more whodunnit than horror. Liked the production design – a very gritty Whitechapel, aesthetically and morally. ” Letterboxd

“The one major thing this version does well is that it recreates Victorian London with a great deal of historical realism and dirt and detail. You could easily believe you are there […] Aside from the recreation of Victorian London, there is an annoying anachronism in the use of movie cameras.” Moria

Cast and characters:

Sonja Gerhardt … Anna Kosminski
Falk Hentschel … Frederick Abberline
Nicholas Farrell … Samuel Harris
Sabin Tambrea … David Cohen
Peter Gilbert Cotton … Ronald Briggs
Vladimir Burlakov … Jakob
Funda Vanroy … Mary Jane Kelly
Tauras Cizas … Doctor
Aiste Dirziute … Linda
Dovile Kundrotaite … Rachel
Kristina Svilpauskaite … Tasha Kelly
Arturas Kuzmenka … Husband with the bag (uncredited)
Tobias Wessler … Parker (uncredited)

Filming locations:

Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania

Technical details:

101 minutes

Original title:

Jack The Ripper: Eine Frau Jagt Einen Mörder

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