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‘They took his daughter, he’ll hunt them down.’

Nest of Vampires is a British horror film about an MI5 agent who uncovers a vampiric cult of human traffickers and Satan worshippers.

Written and directed by Chris Sanders (shorts: Blood Prison; The Haunted Couple; The Redemption of Harry Day), making his feature debut.

The Black Coppice production stars Jon Paul Gates (Nightmare on 34th Street; Doll Cemetery; Invasion Earth; et al) Hans Hernke, Lucy Marshall, Tom Hendryk, D’Angeles Campos, Peter Mahoney, Rosanne Priest. Genre regular Shawn C. Phillips has a cameo role.


An MI5 agent travels from London to small-town England in search of the people who murdered his wife and kidnapped his only daughter. During his investigation, he uncovers a ruthless vampiric cult that is heavily embroiled in human trafficking and satanic cult worship…


“Unfortunately, Sanders seems to have bitten off more than he can chew (pun intended). The resulting story is a rather unwieldy union of Taken, James Bond, vampires, and QAnon conspiracies. There are far too many characters out to double-cross one another that we are never truly clear who is duping whom and, more importantly, why.” Film Threat

“Hidden in the aimless scenes and slack direction is the odd nugget of dialogue with a noirish gleam. But mostly it’s pure panto: “I’m about to do a spot of decorating. I was thinking dark red would suit this room.” It may be remiss to dump on a film that cost £30,000, but it seems to be only this type of film-making that can hit a pitch of such sublime pap.” The Guardian

“Kit skulks about the small English town that serves the gang’s base not even trying to cover his tracks as he strongarms information out of people. Various factions within the vampires and MI5 double-cross each other […] While this sounds like it should be exciting, it’s almost all handled via scenes of endless dialogue.” Voices from the Balcony

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Nest of Vampires is available on VOD from March 16th 2021 via Black Coppice Films.

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Nest of Vampires never draws the viewer in despite a potentially intriguing plot; the dialogue-heavy scenes seem unconnected, talk often feels like a series of statements rather than genuine conversation and much of the acting is very poor.

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