DRIVE ALL NIGHT (2021) Review of neo-noir thriller


Drive All Night is a 2021 American surreal thriller film about a taxi driver taken on bizarre excursions by a mysterious passenger.

Written and directed by Peter Hsieh – making his feature debut – the movie stars Lexy Hammonds, Yutaka Takeuchi (Tales from the Dead), Johnny Gilligan and Sarah Dumont (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse).


Dave (Yutaka Takeuchi) is a reclusive swing-shift taxi driver whose night takes an unexpected turn after he picks up a mysterious passenger, Cara (Lexy Hammonds), a young woman hiding a dark secret. As she makes him drive through the city on a series of bizarre excursions, things get increasingly more surreal the further into the night they go.

Sarah Dumont plays Morgan, a sympathetic waitress who works at a diner that Dave often frequents, while Johnny Gilligan plays Lenny, an obsessive hitman guided by strange visions, who pursues our protagonists through the night…


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Drive All Night will make its world premiere in competition at the Cinequest Film Festival, running March 20-30, 2021. “Cinequest is always searching for films that stretch the boundaries of storytelling, and visions from artists who are looking to reinvent genres. Drive All Night is a spectacular example of a story we have never seen before. It took us by surprise, took us on a ride, and it swept us up in one of the most unpredictable journeys,” said Michael Rabehl, Programming Director at Cinequest.

Cast and characters:

Lexy Hammonds … Cara
Yutaka Takeuchi … Dave
Johnny Gilligan … Lenny
Sarah Dumont … Morgan
Will Springhorn … Frank
Natalia Berger … Midnight Judy
Ali Jahangiri … Fred
Vonn Scott Bair … Boss
James J. Der Jr. … Marv / Stage Actor
Mia Jómor … Waitress
J.J. Ryder … Bartender
Stephanie Whigham … Model 1

Filming locations:

San Jose and San Francisco, California



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