THE HOUSE IN SHERWOOD (2020) Reviews and overview


The House in Sherwood is a 2020 British found-footage horror film about a paranormal investigation of an allegedly haunted house.

Written, produced, directed and edited by Richard Mansfield (The House on Mansfield Street; The Demonic Tapes 2: The Doll; The Demonic Tapes; Video KillerThe Mothman Curse), the Mansfield Dark production stars Eleanor Aldous, Kathryn Redwood, Daniel Mansfield


Angela Bennett is conducting an investigation into the paranormal events that happened at an allegeldy haunted house in Sherwood. What Angela doesn’t know is that she is being followed by Karen, who is making a film of her own…


The House in Sherwood ups the gears in the final section and manages several low-budget scares, which have become Mansfield‘s trademark. I just wasn’t as sold on this movie as his others; heaven forfend that I would want any director to stick with one style of filmmaking, but I wasn’t fully convinced by this one.” Dark Eyes of London

“Richard Mansfield is slowly carving a nice little niche for himself, in the UK found-footage, horror market. This is an enjoyable, well-produced, low budget affair. Nice original presentation, interesting concept, well-scripted, well-acted by the minimal cast.” Jack Stupid Jack

Cast and characters:

Eleanor Aldous … Angela Bennett
Kathryn Redwood … Karen Keane
Daniel Mansfield … Terry Fitch

Filming locations:

Sherwood, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England