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‘Humanity is the disease. This is the cure’
Sea Monster
is a 2020 Chinese monster movie in which a cargo ship is suddenly attacked by a parasite that gradually mutates. To make matters worse, the struggling crew is also attacked by pirate slavers led by an attractive vicious woman. The US title is Curse of the Kraken

Directed by Wu Shile from a screenplay written by Wang Jun and Chen Xiufeng, the movie stars Sun Xun, Zhang Yuenan, To Star, Yu Feifan, An Quqing, Hou Wexing, Li Xiyuan, Xie Ziyan and Du Jixiang.

“It begins with a thoroughly insane beach attack sequence, where a multi-tentacled monstrosity storms across the sand, apparently the result of mutation caused by mankind’s long-term and ongoing pollution of the oceans. There is a quite stylish one-shot, a lot of running and screaming, plus a thoroughly disrupted wedding, which ends with the groom being pulled away from the bride’s desperate grasp. It’s enough to counterbalance some less than impressive CGI. The problem is, you might as well turn it off after those six minutes.” Rating: D Read more at Film Blitz


Curse of the Kraken will be available on DVD in the US on September 6, 2022. In the meantime, it is available to rent or buy digitally via Amazon Prime

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