LEGEND OF HAWES (2021) Preview of Rene Perez’ horror-Western


Legend of Hawes is a 2021 American horror-Western about a young woman seeking vengeance against a band of vicious ravenous marauders.

Written and directed by Rene Perez (Cry Havoc; Cabal; From Hell to the Wild West; Playing with Dolls franchise; The Dead and the Damned and sequel), the movie stars Emily Whitcomb (Phobias; Righteous Blood; Darkness Waits), Mike Markoff and Richard Tyson.


A mountain homestead is attacked by a raiding party made up of vicious ravenous marauders. The lone survivor, a beautiful young woman hires a dangerous gunman to help her track and exact revenge on the marauders. Together they trek to a forbidding mountain only to find that the savage marauders have a deadly secret…

Legend of Hawes is currently filming at the Hawes Ranch in California.


There is currently no trailer available for Legend of Hawes

Source: Horror Fuel

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