THE LEGEND OF HAWES (2022) Reviews of horror-Western

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The Legend of Hawes is a 2022 American horror-Western about a young woman seeking vengeance against a band of vicious ravenous marauders.

Written and directed by Rene Perez (Cry Havoc; Cabal; From Hell to the Wild West; Playing with Dolls franchise; The Dead and the Damned and sequel), the movie stars Emily Whitcomb (Phobias; Righteous Blood; Darkness Waits), Mike Markoff and Richard Tyson.

A mountain homestead is attacked by a raiding party made up of vicious ravenous marauders. The lone survivor, a beautiful young woman hires a dangerous gunman to help her track and exact revenge on the marauders. Together they trek to a forbidding mountain only to find that the savage marauders have a deadly secret…

The Legend of Hawes was released On-Demand (VOD) on September 13, 2022. Rent or buy via Prime

The Legend of Hawes wasn’t a good horror film or a good Western. I have no problem with indie films, but the cheap look of this, and the occasionally bad retro effects combined to make for a strange film that felt like it hadn’t finished its post-production treatment.” The Rotting Zombie

“I’m really not sure just who the audience for Legend of Hawes is going to be. Those who are watching it for the blood and boobs are not going to want to sit through all of the heavy religious messages. And those looking for a faith-based tale of Hawes’ coming to God and being redeemed will most likely find the gore and nudity off-putting.” 1 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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