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Cry Havoc is a 2019 American crime horror feature film directed by Rene Perez (The Dead and the Damned and sequels; It HungersLittle Red Riding HoodThe Obsidian Curse; et al). The movie stars Emily Sweet (Fear PHarm), Robert Bronzi (the Charles Bronson look-alike in From Hell to the Wild West and Death Kiss), Richard Tyson and JD Angst.

The movie is the fourth entry in Perez’ Havoc franchise, previous entries being:

An ambitious reporter (Emily Sweet) is given an exclusive interview with one of the FBI’s Most Wanted.

She travels to a secret compound to meet the wealthy Voyeur (Richard Tyson) who is suspected of having paid to secure the release of the psychotic serial killer known only as “Havoc”…

“There’s plenty of creepy, grim atmosphere, it’s bloody and gory and nasty, and it’s a slasher movie that wants to scare the crap out of you. You always have to respect that. Cry Havoc also has one of the sleaziest performances in recent memory from the great Richard Tyson (he will make your goddamn skin crawl).” 411 Mania

“The film plays like a third rate take on Jason Voorhees by way of Silent Rage. Yet, there’s Richard Tyson watching everything as an out-of-sight puppet master. Sure, he’s hooked to an IV and living out his best May 2020, but it’s weird. Not good weird, more like a plot point that is never followed up to my satisfaction. […] Why does this movie feel like it’s 5 hours long?” Anderson Vision

“A fun and enjoyable entry in the franchise which was already getting better as it went along, there’s quite a lot to like here which manages to hold itself up so much over it’s few minor flaws that they’re barely detrimental in the slightest.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation


“Like its Bronzi vs. Havoc match, this is one for the history books, relentlessly entertaining, Cry Havoc is proof positive that the American grindhouse movie is alive and well and living off the grid in Shasta County.” Gav Crimson

“Perez, firmly placing himself in the category of horror director, plays the gore hard here and it does wonders to build the Jason Voorhees like character of Havoc up. Havoc himself is actually quite enjoyable to watch, a B-movie force of nature that plays itself as half rabid dog and half self –serving maniac.” Horror Fix

“Despite a handful of weaknesses, the story is still compelling and quite fresh […] Havoc, the character, has a terrific design and is exceptionally terrifying every time he’s featured. Sweet, Bronzi, and Tyson all have strong chemistry and presence, driving the plot of the film and showing unique perspectives in a very believable way.” Horror Patch


“What Perez really excels at is creating an embraceable slasher atmosphere despite the movie taking place in a bright woodsy setting. The soundtrack provides minimal amount of music for the first portion of the film, but creates a grating soundscape of rattling chains, rusty metal, and blood spurts to present an unsettling and gothic environment.” Killer Horror Critic

” …there are plenty of shoot-outs and violence, gory killings and a grotesque villain, and while the film’s narrative may not have too much fat on its bones, it moves ahead at a very steady pace with rarely a dull moment. At the same time, Cry Havoc is also a very well-crafted film that’s heavy on atmosphere with many a macabre detail…” Search My Trash

“I have to give credit to writer/director, Rene Perez for keeping the story interesting and keeping the action and carnage flowing as well. The film is filled with awesome kills that involved all kinds of blood and gore. The effects are really well done and fans of both horror and grindhouse films are sure to love this one.” Video Views


“If Cry Havoc even built to rousing climax it might not have been so bad. But the last act has everyone except The Voyeur running around in the woods. Bronzi picks off heavily armed goons who are happy to stand in the open and hold their fire while he fumbles in his pocket for bullets and reloads by hand […] Despite all that Cry Havoc might be Perez’s best film, though that’s not saying much.” Voices from the Balcony

“There are a few surprise twists and turns but what one is anticipating is a throwdown between Havoc and Bronzi’s cop character and it’s somewhat what’s expected and yet even before that a major twist is thrown in that’s a bit jaw dropping. Cry Havoc is definitely a fun grindhouse-style horror-action hybrid…” World Film Geek

Cry Havoc premiered on VOD on May 5th from Midnight Releasing. Buy:

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