DADDY (2021) Preview of sequel to Clown Motel Vacancies (watch latter free online)


Daddy is a 2021 Canadian horror film and a sequel to Clown Motel Vacancies.

Written and directed by Jason Mills (Mermaid Isle3 Hours till DeadAlone We Are NotThe Changing of Ben MooreThey Came from the Attic). The movie stars Kiana Passmore and Darren Andrichuk.


After going through the most terrifying time of her life, Tara (Kiana Passmore) has finally found some peace in her life, or has she? Daddy (Darren Andrichuk) can’t get over the loss of his daughter and wants revenge, will Daddy find what he’s looking for?


The micro-budget film was made for under $1000.


Watch Clown Motel Vacancies free online:

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