DIGGING TO DEATH (2021) Reviews and overview of dark comedy horror – with new poster and trailer


‘The past should stay buried’

Digging to Death is a 2021 American dark comedy horror film about a man who moves into an old house and that finds a box in his backyard. Also known as What’s Buried in the Backyard

Written and directed by Michael P. Blevins (The Devil Comes to Kansas City; Onion Syrup; Phelps Avenue; Shoe Store) who also composed the soundtrack score. Produced by Thomas Bangert, Michael P. Blevins and Vanessa Zamarripa.

The Honeycomb Films production stars Ford Austin (Zombie Babies; Rat Scratch Fever; Dahmer vs. Gacy; Slaughter Party), Tom Fitzpatrick, Rachel Alig and Richard Riehle (3 from Hell; Texas Chainsaw 3D; Halloween II 2009; Hatchet).


David Vanowen (Ford Austin) buys a new house to restore but when digging a hole for a new septic tank, he discovers a large box filled with 3.4 million dollars in cash – and a dead body… Should he report the body and lose the money? Or rebury it and pocket the cash?

Of course, David chooses the money, unfolding a series of dire consequences that lead us to truly discover What’s Buried in the Backyard…


“This is an interesting story that will show us how money can see someone change in a way they would never have imagined, showing obsession mixing with mid-life crisis, when things in life go wrong. The slow descent into madness flows nicely, as we get to just understand how much David is starting to lose.” Movies Review 101

Cast and characters:

Ford Austin … David Vanowen
Tom Fitzpatrick … The Corpse
Rachel Alig … Jessica Vanowen
Richard Riehle … Allen Palms
Ken Hudson Campbell … Mark Armstrong
Clint Jung … Mr Wu
Sumeet Dang … Richard Peterson
Bryan Dodds … Zach Kennedy
Debbie DeLisi … Whitney Reception
Stephan Singh … Bank Officer
Michael P. Blevins … Hardware Store Clerk (as Mike Blevins)

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California

Technical details:

96 minutes


MOVIES and MANIA comment and rating:

The initial light comedy of Digging to Death that raises smiles gradually becomes darker and darker as lead protagonist David – brilliantly played by Ford Austin – becomes more and more obsessed with the vast amount of loot he discovers. And then more and more unhinged. This is a grim tale about alienation and madness that’s well worth exploring.

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