CAPTIVE aka KATHERINE’S LULLABY (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘Get out alive.’

Captive is a 2020 American thriller film about a teenage runaway who is trapped by a delusional man so she pretends to be his daughter.

Written and directed by Savvas Christou, the movie stars William Kircher, Tori Kostic, Jolene Andersen, Meghan Hanako, Jairus Carey, Chris Barry and David Lee Hess.


” …it offers a fresh idea, but at the same time requires that the viewers don’t get too demanding about realism. The acting and the tension sink you into the plot, but the last half hour is what takes it to the next level and leads us to turn a blind eye on the issues in its development.” 10th Circle

“With not much to like about it and a lot of flaws with the lack of a compelling storyline and some unbelievable action, these undo a lot of the potential elements that show up here leaving this one well-made if underwhelming in the end.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation 

“This is purely psychological and situational horror; there are no real monsters or gore here. Still, long-term kidnapping is pretty scary, but this film makes it seem very believable. I really like the last fifteen minutes.” The Horror Guys

“Lily’s journey from passive victim to determined heroine is gradual and engaging. Atmosphere and tension callback to Stephen King’s Misery, buoyed by strong performances from both Tori Kostic and William Kircher. It takes several surprising turns that leave the viewer with much to contemplate after the conclusion” Josh @ the Movies

” …occasionally leaves us with far more questions than answers, and its briefly sketched characters and background offer equal parts confusion and unease. It is a film about fear, obsession, and abuse amid a cast of occasionally morally ambiguous characters and, while there is certainly something intriguing beneath its surface, it didn’t quite reach the potential I think it truly has.” Killer Horror Critic

” …Katherine’s Lullaby may not be perfect, but it does a decent job in keeping its audience hooked and on the edge of their seat. That’s no easy feat.  William Kircher and Tori Kostic work well together, navigating the unique dynamics between their characters while also maintaining a much-needed groundedness to keep the story from feeling too over the top.” Nightmarish Conjurings

” …if the film had committed fully to either making Evan a sympathetic mentally ill man who has recently lost his family, or to making him a truly horrifying captor, but his characterization lands awkwardly in the middle of the two in a way that does not quite pay off as intended. Katherine’s Lullaby may or may not be worth a watch depending on your tastes…” Rue Morgue

“Being mostly a two-hander, Kostic and Kircher have to be consistently good, so it’s great to be able to say that they are fantastic. The dynamic between the pair is electric and leads the way brilliantly to its startling climax. Captive is a disturbing, claustrophobic thriller that packs a punch.” Starburst

” …Captive keeps pulling the rug out from under the viewer right up to an ending that I didn’t, and you won’t, see coming. A slow-burning psychological thriller, Captive won’t be for everyone. Low on action and gore, it’s driven by plot, dialogue and two excellent performances from the leads. If that is your kind of movie, this will hit the spot.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

William Kircher … Evan
Tori Kostic … Lily
Jolene Andersen … Ivy
Meghan Hanako … Katherine
Jairus Carey … Neil
Chris Barry … Jeff
David Lee Hess … Stepfather

Filming locations:

Wrightwood, California

Technical details:

89 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1


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