AMITYVILLE: VANISHING POINT (2016) Reviews and overview

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Amityville: Vanishing Point is a 2016 American horror film about a resident of a boarding house who dies under mysterious circumstances. It should be noted that this has nothing to do with the Amityville franchise.

Directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg (Spirit Riser; Werewolf Bitches from Outer Space; Dark Prism; Wakers) from a screenplay co-written with Pailer Ezra, Selena Mars and Jurgen Azazel Munster, based on Greenberg’ story.

The Disck Pictures production stars Selena Mars, Aphrodite Ernie, Amanda Flowers, Mickala McFarlane and Jurgen Azazel Munster.

The Amityville legend lives on when a resident of a local boarding house dies under mysterious circumstances. Her two best friends, Brigitta and Bermuda, Bermuda’s sister Sentinel, and the owner of the boarding house, Ms Ernie, are absolutely devastated.

This is not helped by the arrival of an eccentric and crude detective who never takes off his cowboy outfit, Hank Denton. Tensions run high as the girls begin to suspect their friend Margaret may still be alive; and as the detective’s behaviour becomes more out of control, the house itself may very well be turning on its residents.

” …the film wears its non-budget like a mark of honor. The cinematography gets the worst of it: most of the scenes appear to have been lit by a flashlight taped to the top of the camera […] If this was meant to be an experimental film, it might almost feel intentional, but God knows what the experiment is meant to be.” Alternate Ending

” … director Dylan Mars Greenberg was only 18 when it was made. But man — this movie makes the Dark Brothers production quality look like Josef von Sternberg […] 92 minutes that will try your very soul. I can make it through a lot of painful movies, but this movie felt like a penance for making fun of other films.” B&S About Movies

“The plot is an incoherent mess thanks to terrible editing & even worse pacing. It’s a mind-numbing bore that confuses to the point where you just want to switch it off […] there is no attention paid to lighting or framing but perhaps the worst thing is the sound mix. A hilariously inconsistent train wreck of muffled & echoing dialogue and over the top music.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Generally, as a rule by thumb, direct-to-DVD Amityville sequels/spin-offs are horrible. But this one from the audio to the cinematography was legitimately terrible. Whoever was in charge of the sound mixing should be fired…out of a cannon into the sun. No real scares to speak of either plus the acting was atrocious.” Dope Ass Ghost

” …it frequently goes over-the-top or drifts off into unexpected directions, and if one wants to compare it to anything, it should probably be called the rabid sibling of Twin Peaks. And the film’s also lots of fun, furnished with plenty of off-beat humour, action, an interesting and eclectic musical score, sexy bits and some hilarious performances.” Search My Trash

“The plot is nearly impossible to discern since every line of dialog is an exercise in how not to speak, and is often spoken alongside music of equal volume. This is clearly the work of someone with a camcorder, five dollars, and friends who are willing to ruin their low-level acting careers in one fell swoop. Ugly, erratic, and irritating.” Splatter Critic

“Objectively, this is not only the worst Amityville film so far, but it’s probably the worst film I’ve ever seen, period. With that said, however, there are some scenes that are bad in an entertaining way. There’s some batshit crazy dialog at times, and some crazy dream sequences, one of which includes a cameo from Lloyd Kaufman, who speaks without moving his lips.” Tears in Rain

“I may have just watched the worst movie ever made! I know it’s definitely the worst one I’ve seen this year (so far, I’ve still got a month and some Krampus movies to go) and it has to be the worst unofficial Amityville movie. I haven’t even seen them all, but I’m calling it now, this is the worst one.” Tony the Terror

Cast and characters:
Selena Mars … Ms Aphrodite Ernie
Amanda Flowers … Brigitta Lynn
Mickala McFarlane … Bermuda Ernie
Jurgen Azazel Munster … Hank Denton
Sara Kaiser … Sentinel Ernie
Max Husten … Jack Rockwell, Wayward Boy
Victor M. Sheely … Father Mars
Alyssa Marie C. … Moth Abacus
Rose Kaplan … Maude Abacus
Jesse Yungbei … The Demon
David Marquise … Antonia Abacus
Taylor MacLeod … Ricki Flynt
Alexia Giovanna … Joan Flynt
Neva Gentlman … Neva, the Bellydancer
Lucy Love … Sodia
Louisa Ashleigh … Glass Sky (as Louisa Ashleigh Krupp)
Carl Peckham … Sardu the Gravedigger

Technical details:
1 hour 32 minutes


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