THE DARK SOUL (2021) Preview of Indonesia horror


The Dark Soul is a 2021 Indonesian horror film about a village terrorised by a demon that has been summoned by an evil ceremony.

Directed by Brama Yudha Prawira from a screenplay written by Kobo Bz.

The  TGS Pictures production stars Yati Surachman, Alda Augustine, Maryam Supraba, Vania Valencia, Cindya Ayu, Jessica Olivia Tarzan, Ridho R. Falah, Abay, Amirullah, Endah Pitasari and Dicky Chandra.


A village is terrorised by a demon named Nyai Danan Wati (Alda Augustine) as a result of a husband and wife named Koswara (Clift Sangra) and Sumi (Endah Pitasari) who are residents of the village who perform an evil ceremony.

Casualties ensue, forcing Didin (Dicky Chandra) who is the leader of the village together with Ujang (Teuku Rifnu Wikana), Gugun (Zaky Zimah) and Erlin (Vania Valencia), his wife Gugun to try to eliminate the terror from their hamlet, assisted by Ustad Mukti (Ridho R. Falah) and Ibu Laras (Yati Surachman), the mother of Imas’ parents named Marisa (Cindya Ayu), who are depressed as a result of being carnally assaulted and submitting themselves to Nyi Danan Wati for revenge…

Original title:

Bangkitnya Mayit: The Dark Soul

Technical details:

86 minutes


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