THE BLACKOUT EXPERIMENT (2021) Review of horror movie


‘The only way out is to follow her rules’

The Blackout Experiment is a 2021 American-Indonesian film about six strangers who wake up inside a room garnished with weapons – they are forced to kill each other or watch someone they care deeply about die.

Directed by John David Moffat IV from a screenplay co-written by Ryan Graff and Jill Killington [as Jill Kill]. Produced by Kristifor Cvijetic and Stefani Rose. The Grey Star Entertainment production stars Troy Jones, Dom Cole, Yasmin Irvine, Steven Synstelien, Stefani Rose, Uli Auliani and executive producer Cheverly Amalia.


Six strangers face the ultimate decision: kill, be killed, or let a loved one die. Trapped in a dark, merciless room with implements of death, each stranger’s true character is revealed as they are forced to fulfil the wishes of a cold and emotionless social scientist, Doctor Kasuma (Cheverly Amalia).

Only one will survive. With each death, the survivors are one step closer to freedom, but still only one move from death. Sometimes to understand the masses, you have to sacrifice a few individuals…


Cast and characters:

Yasmin Irvine … Alice
Stefani Rose … Tracey
Uli Auliani … Olivia
Cheverly Amalia … Doctor K.
Troy Jones … Sean
Steven Synstelien … Richard
Dom Cole … L (as Dominic Cole)
Lois Douglas … L’s Mom
Aleece Jones … Richard’s Wife
Cheryl Lyone … Olivia’s Girlfriend
Thadus Oskana … Sean’s Son

Technical details:

80 minutes


Not to be confused with The Blackout Experiments (2016).


MOVIES and MANIA says:

Clearly taking its inspiration from Saw, The Blackout Experiment wins no points for originality. However, the claustrophobic scenario that unfolds is suitably tense and there are several suspenseful points when it’s not clear who will live or die. The cast is uniformly up to the task and there’s a suitably downbeat ending. The Blackout Experiment is well worth a watch.

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