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’12 is the new unluckiest number’

The Midnight Man is a comedic horror film about a married couple that stay at a rural retreat to work out their marital issues. However, there are some other problems they didn’t anticipate…

Directed by Aitor Uribarri (cinematographer on An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted); The Witch Files), making his feature debut, from a screenplay written by co-producer Kamal Moo.

The Dogpile Productions movie stars co-producer Ken Foree (Blood Brothers; The Devil’s Rejects, Dawn of the Dead), Wendie Weldon and Tommy Day Carey.

[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

” …The Midnight Man raises some halfway serious questions about marital counseling, but mostly, it sometimes misses the mark on its own derriere. That in mind, there are some truly amazing performances embedded throughout the film, but, overall, The Midnight Man sometimes flounders with a myriad of subplots that perhaps overreach across too many genres.” Cryptic Rock

” …Wendie Weldon and Tommy Day Carey’s acting is just moderate and they are frequently guilty of overacting. Which does not benefit the quality and especially the realism. The presence of Ken Foree may therefore be seen as a ray of hope. Because in the role of creditor Hamilton who visits Jessica and Kyle in the middle of the night, the actor is great.” Filmliefhebber [Translated from Dutch]

The Midnight Man tries its hand at being a masterful mix of genres, starting out as an independent comedy, then weakly working at being a thriller, and ultimately wrapping up as a horror film, but succeeds at none of these […] shows promise from a plot perspective; unfortunately, terrible dialogue and cliche-filled character interactions that would be at home in a first-year student production make up nearly the entire script.” Horror News

“This is a perfect example of movie schizophrenia. They tried to do too many things and it hurt the overall product. It starts as a slasher would with a hard false start to the slasher shenanigans […] the movie turns into a weird hostage comedy complete with a sizable gambling debt. Then we get to the 3rd act. This where things need to pick up and it sort of did but it felt out of place.” Rich Strahs

Cast and characters:

Ken Foree … Hamilton
Wendie Weldon … Jessica
Tommy Day Carey … Kyle
Tony D. Czech … Billy
Keith Biondi … Dirty Man
Stephen Walter … Dave (voice)
Maegan Moo … Telemarketer (voice)

Filming locations:

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Technical details:

88 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Fun facts:

The film was initially titled Curse of Midnight.


Not to be confused with The Midnight Man (2016) directed by Travis Zariwny and featuring Gabrielle Haugh, Lin Shaye and Robert Englund.


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