BLIND GHOST (2021) Preview of creepy thriller


Blind Ghost is a 2021 American thriller film about a young woman left blind by a hit-and-run who must unmask her attackers. Meanwhile, they are about to strike again and lay claim on her $500 million inheritance.

Written and directed by Stuart Paul (Vampfather; Doll Face; Remote Viewing; Nun’s Deadly Confession; Heaven & Hell). The SP Entertainment production stars Alix Villaret (Doll Face), Lindsey Sirera, Casey Graf, Adam Ambruso, Jeremiah Benjamin and Francis Cronin.

Cast and characters:

Alix Villaret … Lily Chevalier
Lindsey Sirera … Amber
Casey Graf … Dick
Adam Ambruso … Doctor Gulliver
Jeremiah Benjamin … Lawyer Sharksdale
Francis Cronin … Detective Bonkers
Lenny Rosenberg … Sight Guide
Alexandra Chandler … Pumpkin
Yvonne Maverick … Aunt Naggie
Lyssa Pham … Aunt Jane
Tim Dax … Uncle Fun
Karoly Bieganowski … Heidi
Alex Topper … Detective Trueheart
Adesa Swan … Lady Mandy

Technical details:

92 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1