NUN’S DEADLY CONFESSION (2019) Review and overview


‘Thou shalt not kill’

Nun’s Deadly Confession is a 2019 American horror feature film written and directed by Stuart Paul (Heaven & Hell; Deadly Lessons). The Alpha Studios-SP Entertainment production stars Morten Holst, Luna Rioumina, Paris Dylan, R. Michael Givens and Francesca Phillips.


Doctor Morten Holst is a psychiatrist who struggles with as many problems, if not more, as his wide range of unique patients. A detective finds himself in a threatening situation when he gets caught in the doctor’s deadly game while unravelling a mysterious case…

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Nun’s Deadly Confession is a movie that tries to explore many ideas through the interaction of a psychiatrist and its patients, but the weak and inconsistent screenplay doesn’t allow the viewer to be interested in anything that happens […] The outcome tries to give some sense to what develops in the story, but the unnatural way that the dialogues are delivered, do not manage to impress, or maybe I had already lost all hope and just wanted to reach the ending.” 10th Circle

Cast and characters:

Morten Holst … Doctor

Luna Rioumina … Sharon

Paris Dylan … Detective Leroy

R. Michael Givens … Doper

Francesca Phillips … Nun Agatha

Alex Trewhitt … Kara

Brandon Menchen … Forensics detective

Conner Floyd … Detective Lighthaze

Lenny Rosenberg … Rouge

Tim Dax … Maximo

Karoly Bieganowski … Jane

Beau Bowker … Thumba the clown

Tanner Morton … Gavin

Shone DeNaftali … Detective

Technical details:

116 minutes

Original title:

Doctor Jekyll Better Hide