THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE SHADOWS (2021) Reviews and overview of found-footage film



‘If you go down to the woods today’

There’s Something in the Shadows is a 2021 British found-footage horror film about four friends filming a paranormal documentary.

Written, directed by and co-starring John Williams (Tales of the Creeping Death; Crispy’s Curse; The Slayers). Co-produced by Claire Ward and John Williams. The movie stars Pete Bennett, Darren McAree, John Solomonides and John Williams.


A group of friends head to Scotland to film an episode for their paranormal documentary series. Whilst there they camp in a forest near Loch Ness believing there to be a portal that transmits paranormal phenomenon through it .

Over the course of three days, they collect footage of their discoveries hoping to be proven right that the area where they are is the centre of paranormal occurrences. Each day the discoveries become more and more frightening…


“The main actor is actually pretty good but […] the film has two issues. 1) you don’t see anything… only green eyes…. no glimpse of the thing at all… 2) It ends like all these films… running through the wood. Shaky cam shaky cam. More cam… shake… then actor pulled offscreen…” God is the Guy

Technical details:

92 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


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