CRAZY TSUNAMI aka CROCODILE TSUNAMI (2021) Reviews and now free to watch online!



Crazy Tsunami is a 2021 Chinese monster movie about a series of huge waves that flood a city and create a deadly peril; the human survivors have to contend with a crocodile that has been washed into the remains of the partially submerged buildings.

Directed by Zhou Jiuqin and starring Rong Fei.

The film is obviously a take on Crawl (2019) which features characters trapped with alligators after a hurricane in Florida.


A sudden tsunami came as a shock, trapping Jiang Peng and his daughter, Jiang Xiao Hu, in Chinatown in Southeast Asia. The two of them, with other inhabitants, took a brace to fight against the terrible monster that followed. However, after the life-and-death struggle, they found surprisingly a man-made calamity instead of a natural disaster…




Original title:

狂鳄海啸 “Crocodile Tsunami”


Swim (2021)
Escape from the Shark’s Mouth (2021)
Crawl (2019)
Bait (2012)

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First six minutes of the movie:

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