ESCAPE FROM THE SHARK’S MOUTH (2021) Reviews of action horror



Escape from the Shark’s Mouth is a 2021 Chinese action horror film about four young people trapped in a flooded building with a shark. Also known by the grammatically incorrect title Escape of Shark

Directed by Zhu Jiang the movie stars Xu Dongdong, Yu Berlin, Zhang Xinyuan, Zhang Ziwen, Yang Yubin, Liu Qianyu, Wang Xiaolong, Zhuang Qiqian, and Su Shenghua.


A beautiful island resort hotel is hit by a sudden tsunami bringing a giant fierce shark with it. Diver Wang Lei (Yu Berlin) and his friend Lisa (Zhang Xinyuan) become trapped along with her new husband (Xu Dongdong) and outrageously wealthy young master Sonny (Yang Yubin). It’s a life or death situation as to whether they can escape from the hungry voracious shark…



Escape from the Shark’s Mouth is available exclusively on the iQIYI online platform on August 12, 2021.

Original title:

鲨口逃生 “Shark mouth escape”


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