ZOMBIE COP (1991) Reviews and overview



Zombie Cop is a 1991 American action-horror film about a police officer who is killed by a Voodoo priest and comes back from the dead.

Directed by J.R. Bookwalter [as Lance Randas] (Mega Scorpions; Witchouse II: Blood Coven; OzoneThe Sandman; The Dead Next Door) from a screenplay written by Matthew Jason Walsh (Seven Dorms of Death; Deep Freeze; Prison of the Dead), based on a story by Bookwalter.

The Suburban Tempe Company production stars Michael Kemper, Ken Jarosz, James Black, Bill Morrison and James L. Edwards.


“It’s terribly padded, including repeating an entire scene. The acting, music, cinematography and editing are all quite bad. Bookwalter’s films have their fans because his films have action – this is static.” Down Among the “Z” Movies

“Does a miraculous job hitting every required note for an alt-superhero film of the ’90s while managing to do it on an even lower budget than the Toxic Avenger. The humor goes for the more cartoonish comic booky feel as well […] Fun and definitely doesn’t overstay its welcome.” Dustin Baker


“A lot of people love this film. It doesn’t work that well for me. Maybe it’s the very suburban setting for what should be an urban film. Maybe it is the marginally racist voodoo element.” Psychotronic Review

“Aside from the awful acting, weak camera work, bad editing and atrocious musical score, the film is padded with the obligatory driving scenes and overlong build-ups to the action scenes […] And I haven’t even touched on the incredibly offensive “comic relief character” in the form of a badly written and performed even worse stereotypical “towelhead” convenience store clerk.” Terror Titans

“No moment of this movie is dull. When Kemper comes back, his partner’s first thought is it’s a joker wearing the skin of Kemper’s corpse. Charmingly, an ethnic gas station attendant appears to be wearing a spray-on tan and an actual towel. The fight choreography is as awkward as losing your virginity.” Tri-City Herald

Cast and characters:

Michael Kemper … Gill / Zombie Cop
Ken Jarosz … Stevens
James Black … Doctor Death (as James R. Black Jr.)
Bill Morrison … Buddy Van De Car
James L. Edwards … Sculley
Christina M. Bookwalter … Little Girl Victim
Bogdan Pecic … Forensic Doctor (as Bogdan ‘Don’ Pecic)
Scott P. Plummer … Beat Cop
Stan Piatt … Newscaster
Leo Anastasio … Liquor Store Thug
Ernest Prell … Guy Watching TV
Dave McCabe … Passerby in Car
Budd Palmer … Cemetery Caretaker
Matthew Jason Walsh … Wade Jabul Kareem Ali-Baba Hafez Lamer Jabba Mohammed Lapsa De Quaylar, aka ‘Steve’ (as himself)
J.R. Bookwalter … Detective Tremmel / Reverend’s voice (as Lance Randas) (as Darryl Squatmpump)

Technical details:

61 minutes

Fun facts:

Apparently, director Bookwalter and writer Matthew Jason Walsh both disown the film. They’ve stated that Zombie Cop was ‘a bad home video that should never have been released’.


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