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‘The terror you will never forget!’

Muckman is a 2009 American comedy horror film about a TV documentary crew searching the woods for a fabled creature.

Directed by Brett Piper (Outpost Earth; The Dark Sleep; Drainiac!Queen CrabThey Bite) from a screenplay co-written with producer Mark Polonia (director of Amityville Island; Return to Splatter FarmBride of the WerewolfGhost of Camp BloodBigfoot vs. ZombiesFeeders).

The Polonia Brothers Entertainment production stars A.J. Khan (Bacterium; Shock-O-Rama; Vampiyaz; Mistress Frankenstein), Alison Whitney (Splatter Beach; Polycarp; Bacterium), Ian Piper (Drainiac!), Jared Warren, Danielle Donahue (Sharkula; Phobic; Jurassic PreyQueen Crab), Ken Van Sant (Return to Splatter FarmBride of the WerewolfBigfoot vs Zombies) and Steve Diasparra (Children of Camp Blood; Frozen Sasquatch; Amityville Exorcism).


“One good thing to say about Muckman is that the monster is all old school – there’s no CGI to be seen. Same can be said about one other scene that is made completely in stop-motion animation – that brought a smile to my face, actually […] There’s plenty of cheesiness in a lot of scenes (the bikini-in-the-water-wrestling scene is actually good!)…” BZ Film

” …this film delivers a surprisingly satisfying ride with plenty of laughs along the way. Just look at what the film promises on the DVD cover: beautiful bikini babes brawling, unspeakable violence and gore, and terrifying monsters run amuck. Throw in some good, old-fashioned stop motion monster effects, and you’ve got yourself a darn good recipe for a good time.” Daniel Jolley

“Even being the cheap, non-thrill making event it is, it did get some laughs and retained my interest throughout. Brett Piper is a veteran of B-Movies (having shot his first film 25 years ago) and is most famous for the film Shock-O-Rama. Here, Brett has delivered a Troma-esque film in Muckman, and visually it’s on a par with The Toxic Avenger or Swamp Thing.” Love Horror


“We see the main character played by Anju Mcintyre (aka AJ Khan) become more and more over the top as her character demanded such. She did a fine job. The comedy in this was more of the smile or groan nature but the whole affair was more of a fun outing rather than a serious monster adventure horror.” R. Domar

“Piper’s witty script (written with B-film comrade Mark Polonia) plays the increasingly tangled scenario for all it’s worth, pursuing stereotypical male/female interaction, TV-industry satire, hillbilly humour, false expectations, thrills, comedy and comeuppance directed at the bad guys with admirable aplomb.” Undead Backbrain

Cast and characters:

A.J. Khan … Asia Buchanan (as Anju McIntyre)
Alison Whitney … Billie Mulligan
Ian Piper … Jerome ‘Curly’ Baker
Jared Warren … Drew Simmons
Danielle Donahue … Pauline Stark
Ken Van Sant … Cletus Hobbs
Steve Diasparra … Mickey O’Hara
Bob Dennis … Horace, local cretin
Mark Polonia … Elmer, local cretin
Buzz Cartier … Otto Van Sant
Mike Crum
Robin C. Jones
Christina Jones

Filming locations:

Pennsylvania, USA

Technical details:

80 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


Not to be confused with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character.


Full film free to watch online:

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