DEEP FREEZE aka ICE CRAWLERS (2002) Reviews and overview


‘Some things are better left frozen’

Deep Freeze aka Ice Crawlers is a 2002 American eco-horror feature film about prehistoric trilobites brought back by drilling for oil. An Antarctic exploration station becomes a death trap…

Co-produced and directed by John Carl Buechler (Watchers Reborn; Friday the 13th Part VII; Cellar Dweller; et al) from a screenplay co-written by Robert Boris, Dennis A. Pratt and Matthew Jason Walsh, the movie stars Götz Otto, David Millbern, Alexandra Kamp (Dracula 3000) and Karen Nieci.

The special make-up and creature effects were created by Magical Media Industries designed and supervised by John Carl Buechler.

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Deep Freeze is okay if all you want is 80 minutes of by-the-book monster movie. It’s got a few thrills, a few unintentional laughs and a bunch of exterior stock footage from The Thing, but there’s a certain amount of depth to the characters and there are no wannabe scream queens in the cast, which is a blessing.” Cult films and the people who make them

“You know the drill. You’ve seen this movie a million times before. Well, maybe you haven’t but I can assure you I have. Some lame-brained monster wiggles his way into the isolated setting and proceeds to go to town on various idiots. There’s no blood, no fun, no joy, no hope. So just say no.” Doctor Gore’s Movie Reviews

“The acting, dialogue and special effects are precisely the sort you’d expect to find in a 20-year-late ripoff from the Corman camp. Quite literally nothing happens for the first hour and when the bodies do start piling up, the payoffs are distressingly tame, though ‘inept’ may be a better word.” eFilmCritic

“There’s no atmosphere, no tension and no scares. It’s a groan-fest of waiting and watching these teenagers do their thing in the drilling station and it’s almost like we’re waiting for the beetle to thaw out in real-time. The finale seems rushed as the survivors face their showdown with the now-giant monster.” Popcorn Pictures

“Heavily influenced by John Carpenter’s The Thing, the makers of this film used many stunts to pay homage to it. For example, knowing what could happen if these monster trilobites reach the mainland, a very excitable oil worker destroys all means of communications […] Many have criticized this flick for having rubberized creatures, but I’d rather have that than a million CGI purple Avatar smurfs.” Zisi Emporium for B Movies

Cast and characters:

Götz Otto … Nelson (as Goetz Otto)
David Millbern … Ted Jacobson
Alexandra Kamp … Doctor Monica Kelsey (as Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld)
Karen Nieci … Arianna
Howard Holcomb … Tom (as Howard Halcomb)
Rebekah Ryan … Kate
Allen Lee Haff … Curtis
David Lenneman … Update
Robert Axelrod … Lenny
Norman Cole … Munso
Billy Maddox … Clyde
Tunde Babalola … Shockley
Precious Jenkins … (as Precious Garrett)
Brad Sergi … Jack Krieger

Technical details:

83 minutes