THE THEATRE OF TERROR (2019) Reviews and overview



‘Getting lost in a story has never been so terrifying’

The Theatre of Terror is a 2019 American horror anthology film about a young woman who watches four tales of terror in an old movie palace.

Directed by Tom Ryan from a screenplay co-written by Russell Hackett the film consists of four shorts – Endangered; Abducted; The Bookworm and The Gift – plus a wraparound.


” …while nothing here is bad, and some is spooky or interesting enough to make me pause, it’s sort of frustrating to feel that a movie didn’t “need” to get made. It doesn’t say anything new enough to make me really perk up and pay attention […] It’s unfortunate that each of these stories falls just a tiny bit flat, which tale after tale leaves a bad taste in our mouths as viewers.” Horror Buzz

“All four stories are surprisingly good. They are all paced well, have solid stories and acting, and it all looks pretty good. This didn’t have much in the way of CGI […] There are some unexpected twists and just enough humor to make it interesting without taking itself too seriously.” The Horror Guys


“I can’t say that The Theatre of Terror was the best anthology I have seen in recent years, but there wasn’t a terrible short here, at worst they were average.” The Rotting Zombie

Cast and characters:

Tom Ryan … Colin
Lauren Renahan … Amber
Heather Brittain O’Scanlon … Donna
Scott Gorbach … Mark Jaeger
Russell Hackett … Ned
Randy Memoli … Kevin
Adam Ginsberg … The Shopkeeper
Sarah Schoofs … Lara
Patrick Boyer
Marc Abbott … Mark
John Zion … Jerry
Danielle Nicolette Najarian … Tracy
Patrick Devaney … Mr Simmons
Cienna Rizza … Susan Jaeger
Alan Rowe Kelly … Mama
Christopher J. Murphy … Earl
Bob Cleary … Sheriff
Amy Cole … Grandmum
Joseph Competello … Self
Tony DeBenedetto … Sleazy Lawer
Heather Drew … Karen White
Jennifer Jiles … Mother Jaeger
Keith Martire … Barney Hill
Tommie McGuckin … Eddie
Tim O’Hearn … Angus
Carianna Ryan … Emma
Paugh Shadow … Terry
Sanj Surati … The John
Edward X. Young … Mr Benson