ROBOTAPOCALYPSE (2021) Reviews and overview of The Asylum sci-fi movie



‘Man vs. machine’

Robotapocalypse is a 2021 science fiction action film about a powerful, sentient robot A.I. that begins to takes over the world’s military. When expert hacker Tara tries to stop the A.I. it marks her as a terrorist that must be exterminated. Also known as Robot Apocalypse

Produced and directed by David Michael Latt (MegaFault; War of the Worlds 2005; Scarecrow Slayer) from a screenplay written by Joe Roche (Alien Conquest; Meteor Moon; Collision Earth).

The Asylum production stars Katalina Viteri (Midnight in the Switchgrass; Unthinkable), DeAngelo Davis (Alien Conquest; Airliner Sky Battle); Noah Jay Wood, Jessica Chancellor (All of You Will Die; 616 Wilford Lane; Fear PHarm 2) and Tito Ortiz (Bleach; Trauma Center; The Crow: Wicked Prayer).


“As low-budget science fiction goes, Robotapocalypse is a good film. Despite a few plot holes, the script is well enough written […] It plays things straight and avoids that film’s outrageous plot twists and devices. More importantly, it never lets the talk go on for too long without throwing in some kind of action to prevent things from bogging down.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Tito Ortiz … Derek
Katalina Viteri … Tara Lopez
DeAngelo Davis … Wilson
Jessica Chancellor … Zee
Noah Jay Wood … Jorge
Barry Piacente … Doctor Marietta
Olivia Crosby … Black Dragon
Jeff Marchelletta … Doctor Abel Lopez
Pat Kelly … Doug
Stephen Wesley Green … Cici
Tammy Klein … NFX robot / AI (voice)

Filming locations:

Atlanta Georgia, USA