METEOR MOON (2020) Review and overview of The Asylum’s disaster movie


‘Survival is a long shot’

Meteor Moon is a 2020 American science-fiction film about an impending apocalyptic disaster caused by the moon crashing towards the Earth.

Directed by Brian Nowak – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay written by Joe Roche (Collision Earth), The Asylum production stars Chris Boudreaux, Michael Broderick (Who Wants Me Dead?, I Am That Man) and Dominique Swain (Chronicle of a Serial Killer; Rottentail; Blood Craft; Minutes to Midnight). Produced by Paul Bales (Triassic Squad; Monster HuntersShark Season) and David Michael Latt (Airliner Sky Battle; Apocalypse of Ice; Fast and Fierce: Death Race).


When a meteor crashes into the moon and shifts its axis, Earth’s gravity pulls the moon into the path of the planet. Now, a group of scientists must figure out how to stop the moon from hitting the earth before it’s too late…


“First time director Brian Nowak seems to be content to just aim the camera and let the cast yell a lot. The script by Joe Roche (Collision Earth) has dialogue that’s half techno-babble and half hysterics, Nowak must have thought it sounded more dramatic that way […] The worst thing is, despite the extreme race against time and all the obstacles thrown in our heroes’ way, there’s never any sense of danger or urgency. Meteor Moon is totally devoid of suspense or tension.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Chris Boudreaux … Paul Lawson
Michael Broderick … Jim Lawson
Anna Harr … Private Diaz
Jamie Harr … Major Diaz
Adam Hollick … Private. Malcolm
Carol Kaufman … Admiral Cynthia Keller
Kally Khourshid … Cadet Julie Matthews
Emily Killian … Stacey Lawson
Tiana Masaniai … Captian Erin Hayes
Daniel O’Reilly … JJ
Jeff Prater … Bob
Gary Private … George
Torrey Richardson … Addy
Shellie Sterling … Major Romero
Dominique Swain … Colonel Hauser

Our rating:

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