MOUNT ADAMS (2021) Reviews and overview of alien invasion movie



‘Based on the true phenomenon

Mount Adams is a 2021 American science fiction horror film about a team of UFO investigators who find themselves hunted by alien monsters.

Directed by Phillip Wade from a screenplay co-written with Tim Wade, who also co-stars, and Just B. Jordan based on Tim Wade’s storyline.

The Ambition Pictures-Gold Trail Productions-New Dawn Films co-production also stars Emily Sweet, Matthew O’Donnell, Phillip Wade, Allesondra Helwig and Alysse Fozmark.



“Much of the cast has limited to no experience and it shows at times with some very stiffly delivered dialogue […] We do get to see quite a bit of the three lizard creatures. They look to be CGI, but the filmmakers wisely make them mostly nocturnal so the dark can hide most of their flaws […] as a simple monster movie, it makes a fun diversion.” Voices from the Balcony


Cast and characters:

Tim Wade … Glen Craven
Emily Sweet … Lily Lantz
Matthew O’Donnell … Thomas
Phillip Wade … Blake
Allesondra Helwig … Kim
Alysse Fozmark … Candie
Greg James … Bill Jefferson
Edward Stiner … Richard Croos
Phoebe Jacobs … Ruby Anderson
Jacque Jacobs … Debbie Anderson
Tom Avila … Willie
Stephen O’Donnell … Louis
Danny O’Donnell … Little Boy
Lynn O’Donnell … Little Boy’s Mom
Michael E. Swanson … Conference Host
D.J. O’Donnell … Little Boy’s Brother
Michael O’Donnell … Little Boy’s Father

Filming locations:

Salem, Oregon

Technical details:

94 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


According to the film’s Facebook page, principal photography was in late 2016 with post-production in 2017.

Fun facts:

The movie is based on the short film Timberline (2016) by Phillip Wade and Tim Wade