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‘No rhyme. No reason. No chance.’

Badass Bunyip is a 2021 Australian comedy horror film about two bogans that choose the wrong place to have their Christmas lunch. When Dazza and Shazza venture into a sacred Aboriginal site for their Chrissy picnic, they accidentally disturb the bunyip’s lair and all hell breaks loose!

Directed by Gerardo Chierchia. Produced by and starring David Black. The movie also stars Anastasia C. Kouloukas, Benji Wragg, Glen Cook, Vixey Teh, Charli Bowers, Nihit Naphray and Sharnee Wiseman.


“A fun and enjoyable cheesy creature feature that has some generally entertaining aspects and a few factors that could be considered troublesome for some but fine for others, this one has a lot to like and to knock down about it. Give it a look if you’re comfortable with the kind of content here, cheesy creature features, or the creative crew…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation


” …the film has some blood and cheesy death scenes that made me laugh the first round but each death is pretty much the same. Overall, Badass Bunyip is a funny Ozploitation flick with a solid story and hilarious characters. The movie is a bit too long and a one-trick pony so to speak but I enjoyed it.” Horror Society

Badass Bunyip is a film that felt like it would have benefitted by being about half an hour shorter, especially towards the end that seemed to go off the rails in a pacing kind of way […] On the plus side, this is a film that feels authentically Australian, the narrator character was decent, the blood looked great, and I enjoyed all the lingo the characters used.” The Rotting Zombie


” …the humour is broad, at times also crude and gross – and it’s also pretty funny as however unrefined the humour might be, it (and the film as a whole) is also completely unpretentious. Basically, it’s jokes crossed with monsters and gore, grounded by two characters who in all their stupidity are still very likeable, all resulting in a pretty fun ride.” Search My Trash

“Taking the DIY ethos of Troma to the extreme, Badass Bunyip manages to include enough schlocky gore, offensive and puerile humour, store-bought effects, and surreal visuals to keep indie film fans enjoying things […] It’s not shoddiness for the sake of it, though, as there is an animated sequence that is more adept than it has any right to be.” Starburst

Cast and characters:

David Black … Dazza / Bunyip / Radio Voice / Great Great Great Grandfather / Vice Head of Water Department / Professor Grubelshnik
Anastasia C. Kouloukas … Shazza
Benji Wragg … The Waterboard Technician
Glen Cook … Pissing Victim
Vixey Teh … Oriental Drug Dealer
Charli Bowers … Tongue Victim
Nihit Naphray … Hands Victim
Sharnee Wiseman … Running Victim
Keith Harland … Foot Victim
Michelle Sherry Damon … Victim
Antonio Daniele … Picnic Man
Youii Tiba … Victim
Leif Street … Sleeping Victim
Tim Possible … Brain Victim
Brett Sixtysix … Western Drug Dealer
Nicki Bowers … Tongue Victim’s Mum
Chloe Destiny Gileno … Teddy Bear Girl
Karen Watson … Teddy Bear Girl’s Mum
Ben Cu … Victim
Barbara Cinelli … Picnic Woman
Faina Volfson … Pram Woman
Gerardo Chierchia … Bunyip (uncredited)

Technical details:

108 minutes

Fun facts:

A bogan is “an uncultured and unsophisticated person; a boorish and uncouth person.” Australian National Dictionary


Full film free to watch online:

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