DEAD IN THE WATER (2021) Reviews and overview of psycho thriller



‘Two best friends. One killer weekend’

Dead in the Water is a 2021 American psycho-thriller about two young women on a weekend getaway who invite a male stranger into their lives.

Written and directed by Nanea Miyata (Christmas Harmony). Co-produced by Nanea Miyata, Ryan Moon and Peter Porte.

The Lunar Field production stars Catherine Lidstone, Angela Gulner, Peter Porte, Sam Krumrine and Michael Blake Kruse.


When aspiring photography vlogger Tara (Catherine Lidstone) gets dumped by her long term rocker boyfriend, her best friend Amy (Angela Gulner) takes her on a weekend getaway to her family’s vacation lake house where a mysterious and effortlessly attractive drifter named Lucas (Peter Porte) crosses their path.

The ladies decide he’s the perfect way to spice up their trip, but his presence causes emotions to run high, and suddenly the friends are forced to face the demons between themselves – or is it something more devious?



“As you watch Tara’s current and past relationships, you will witness that she is an emotional punching bag for John, Derek, and Amy.  Use this movie to learn how to recognize and remove yourself from these toxic relationships.  After all of that, it’s easy to understand who is stalking Tara, but it’s why that will keep you watching.  And the ‘why’ is the creepiest reason in a Lifetime movie ever.” The Best Darn Girls


Dead in the Water looks good even if you don’t get its initial gist […] Director Miyata is also committed as she gets all Hitchcockian on us. Nanea uses interesting camera angles, slow-burn minatory, and stylish whims to get the audience going. Her film eventually takes the easy way out by descending into a plot about a psycho obsessing and stalking a young female.” Views on Film

Choice dialogue:

Tara “I’m not big on lakes.”

Lucas: “Aren’t we just all works in progress?”


Dead in the Water premiered on the Lifetime channel on January 15, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Catherine Lidstone… Tara
Angela Gulner … Amy
Peter Porte … Lucas
Sam Krumrine … Derek
Michael Blake Kruse … John


Not to be confused with the 2018 alien-on-a-ship creature feature of the same name.