ASTRO LOCO (2021) Preview of sci-fi comedy



Astro Loco is a 2021 American comedy horror film about the outbreak of long voyage cabin fever on a spaceship. An inquisitive spaceship computer tasked with overseeing a safe trip must cultivate a deeper sense of humanity in order to be effective amidst the pandemonium.

Written and directed by Aaron McJames making his feature debut. Produced by Craig A. Kocinski, Kris Maric, Aaron McJames and Rowena Zande.

The movie stars David Argue (Road Train; Razorback), Hayley Dallimore, Frank Handrum, Dasha Naumova, Nick Sun, Darren Casey and Jon Reep.


Cast and characters:

David Argue … Lucien
Hayley Dallimore … Rex
Frank Handrum … Odd
Dasha Naumova … Dasha
Nick Sun … Sebastian
Darren Casey … Dudbrook
Jon Reep … Hetfield
Chiara Costanza … Dorothy
Kristian Pithie … Noel
Aaron McJames … Dmitry
Project … Fluffy
Shashanna Kocinski … Ma
Katrine Brede Didriksen … Teresa
Savannah Fleming … Cockroach
Duke Bannister … Pa
Moni Lai Storz … Not Mrs Han
Jerry Ong … Not Mr Han