NIGHT CALLER (2021) Preview of Chad Ferrin’s serial killer thriller



Night Caller is a 2021 American serial killer thriller about a telephone psychic who can predict when the deranged murderer will strike next.

Written and directed by Chad Ferrin (The Deep Ones; Exorcism at 60,000 FeetThe ChairSomeone’s Knocking at the DoorEaster Bunny Kill! Kill!). Produced by Chad Ferrin, Robert Miano and John Santos.

The Crappy World Films-Girls and Corpses Films co-production stars Steve Railsback, Bai Ling, Lew Temple, Robert Rhine, Susan Priver, Silvia Spross and Robert Miano.

The soundtrack score was composed by Richard Band.


Telephone psychic Clementine Carter (Susan Priver) is pulled into a complex web of mystery when she receives a call from a serial killer. Predicting his murders before he commits them puts her into a terrifying game of cat and mouse.

Enlisting the aid of her invalid father and clairvoyant co-worker, the trio must use their unique abilities to stay one step ahead of a maniac whose unspeakable acts in the present are nothing compared to his past and future…


Night Caller is currently on the film festival circuit prior to an official distribution announcement.


Steve Railsback … Andrew Lubitz
Susan Priver … Clementine Carter
Bai Ling … Jade Mei
Robert Miano … Charles Carter
Silvia Spross … Jenny Tarkovskiy
Kelli Maroney … Emily Carter
Lew Temple … Dick Lubitz
Robert Rhine … Detective Fuller
James MacPherson … Detective Simms
Holden Kopman … Young Andrew Lubitz
Kristi McHugh … Ann Jennings
Scott Vogel … Bob Tarkovskiy
Kyle McConaghy … Patrolman Fuller
Cheryl Cipriano … Holly Medak
Joe Castro … Fake Scalper, plus special makeup effects artist
Talia Asseraf … Lily Amirpour
Michael Cambridge … Doug Lang
Robert Genesis Cortez … Proud American
Brandon Kirk … Kotto
Robert Weinstein … Fake Scalper

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California



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