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‘Don’t expect Easter eggs…’

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! is a 2006 horror thriller film written and directed by Chad Ferrin (Tales from the Crapper; The Ghouls; Unspeakable); it stars Timothy Muskatell, Ricardo Gray and Charlotte Marie.


This low budget shocker is an unrestrained trip into the squalid that is rather better than the somewhat catchpenny title might suggest.

easter bunny

Remington (Timothy Muskatel) arrives at his girlfriend’s house fresh from a violent convenience store robbery, and meets her mentally handicapped teenage son Nicholas (Ricardo Gray).

While he charms single mother Mindy (Charlotte Marie), Nicholas sees his true nature, and when Mindy is called to work a night shift, Rem is left in charge – and immediately calls his child-molesting drug dealer to trade Nicholas for cocaine, before heading out to pick up a couple of streetwalkers. However, things don’t go according to plan, as a mysterious rabbit-masked killer is stalking the house and offing the bad guys.


This has all the making of a rather nasty, grubby little film, but thankfully director Chad Ferrin (Unspeakable, The Ghouls, Tales from the Crapper, and who’s Someone’s Knocking at the Door still has me undecided years after seeing it) avoids the kind of cynical bad taste you might find in, say, a film from Ferrin’s former employers Troma – imagine what they’d do with the story of a kid like Nicholas (actually, you don’t have to – just watch Toxic Avenger).

While more sensitive viewers might cringe while Rem verbally abuses the poor kid and continually refers to him as ‘the retard’, this is more an indictment of the character rather than the filmmaker pandering to the worst audience elements, and at no point is he shown to be anything less than a scumbag. It’s to Muskatel’s credit, therefore, that he brings a certain charisma to his unsavoury character – you’ll hate him, but he’s always interesting to watch.


The first thirty minutes or so of the film are a slow build up, but once the action starts, it comes thick and fast. The gore is nasty and painful and the sleaze factor is cranked right.

Admittedly, sometimes things feel a bit too much – this will definitely offend a lot of people. Yet, the excesses are countered by interesting touches, an old-school home invasion feel and a neat twist where the killer is unmasked. The ending is a little hokey and pointless, but you can’t have everything.

Coming complete with a surprisingly raw and honest making-off, this is an impressive effort from one of America’s more out-there indie directors. If the idea of a film about a kid with cerebral palsy being abused by a psychopath and fed to a child molester doesn’t put you off – and let’s be honest, it’ll be too much for many people, no matter how things work out – Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! has a lot to offer.

David Flint, MOVIES & MANIA


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“As a horror film, Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! is more gross than scary; a plethora of spilled brains and power tools stands in for the bargain-basement jump scares Hollywood routinely serves up like so much gruel. Cheap and nasty, EBKK is a film made for late-night movie marathons, preferably served up with cans of TAB Cola and Ding Dongs.” Bloody Disgusting

” …this was a very solid, interesting slasher film that dares to be different from the norm. In a genre that is so full of imitators and cliches, it’s nice to see something that isn’t a ripoff and is able to stand on its own. Highly recommended.” Grimly Fiendish

“One of my few gripes is that Ricardo Grey as Nicholas takes it “full retard” and the performance is a bit too much. Muskatell steals the show as the sleazy boyfriend Remington, you just can’t take your eyes off the guy, a ton o’ fun. […] The gore in the film is great, very bloody and gruesome – a lil’ bit of everything for the gore inclined.” McBastard’s Mausoleum

“All in all, solid kills with solid effects. Sure its your typical slasher carnage kills but somehow in the context of killing street walkers and Chris Hansen potential interviewees, they add more to the […] attitude of seeing these scumbags get offed. Sure the twist ending supplies a flashback that seems misplaced but the ending is a complete 180 WTF but I dug it.” The Jaded Viewer


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