GRIM REAPER (2021) Preview of slasher horror



‘You will fear him’

Grim Reaper is a 2021 American slasher horror film in which the inhabitants of a small town are terrorised by an escaped mental patient… who believes himself to be the Grim Reaper!

Written, directed, photographed and edited by James Ian Mair (Fangs; Blood Cove and sequel; Legend of Demoniac; Graveyard Stories and sequel; A Whisper in the Dark and sequel; The Shadow Zone). Produced by James Ian Mair and James Stevenson.

Cast and characters (in credits order):

Deron Morgan … The Reaper
Sunny King … Michelle
Grant Karazsia … Vince
James Stevenson … Officer Hudson
C.A. McGregor … Sheriff Sterling
Jim O’Rear … Doctor Challis
Matty White … Jeb
Rachael McKee … Jennifer
Chris O’Brien … Samuel
Rebecca Elder … Andrea
J.D. Mason
Martha Lee … Bonnie
Kevin Lewellyn … Pappy
Grace Lewellyn … Sissy
Homer Abrams … Officer Edwards
Randy Fiscus … Officer Robbins



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