WEREWOLF CASTLE (2021) Preview and trailer for fantasy lycanthrope tale



Werewolf Castle is a 2021 British fantasy horror film about knights battling the titular lycanthropes of the night.

Written, produced, directed, photographed and co-edited by Charlie Steeds (Death Ranch; A Werewolf in England; Vampire Virus; An English Haunting; The Barge People; Winterskin).


After a series of local killings and disappearances, Horrace, Jane and half-Werewolf Archie are tasked by the troubled local villagers to investigate strange happenings in a nearby Gothic castle. Venturing to the castle for the night, with a small group of brave volunteers, they soon uncover a horde of otherworldly creatures and a battle soon breaks out!

Cast and characters:

Derek Nelson … Osmund Blakewood / Wolf
James Swanton … Councillor
Greg Draven … Thomas Fairhurst
Ricardo Freitas … Griff
Tim Cartwright … Hamelin Wiltshire
Jake Watkins … Percy
Reece Connolly … Wolfstan
Emma Spurgin Hussey … Maggie
Peter Lofsgard … Thorfinn
Jay O’Connell … Hal Skullsplitter
Bryan Heeley … Villager
Richard Rowden … Grimbold
Rick Carter … Baron Magnus
Ryan Stocks … Villager
Abigail Darton … Villager
Andrea Mitchell … Villager
Martin George … Villager


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