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Werewolf Castle is a 2021 British fantasy horror film about knights battling the titular lycanthropes of the night.

Written, produced, directed, photographed and co-edited by Charlie Steeds (Death Ranch; A Werewolf in England; Vampire Virus; An English Haunting; The Barge People; Winterskin).

After a series of local killings and disappearances, Horrace, Jane and half-Werewolf Archie are tasked by the troubled local villagers to investigate strange happenings in a nearby Gothic castle. Venturing to the castle for the night, with a small group of brave volunteers, they soon uncover a horde of otherworldly creatures and a battle soon breaks out!

“The fight sequences here are well choreographed with the werewolf design from A Werewolf in England utilised well plus the score from Simone Cilio really enhances the more heroic and action-packed scenes. Werewolf Castle will definitely appeal to fans of Game of Thrones and fantasy epics such as Legend, it is an epic and bloody medieval adventure.” Bloody Flicks

“Pretty well made and good looking for a movie with a budget as low as this one, but there’s really no excuse why both the story and the action are way below par. In the end, I can’t recommend the film. Not even if you’re into werewolf movies or movies set during the Middle Ages.” 5/10 Seal_Team1138 [translated from Dutch]

“With his flute and its abilities, Wolfstan is hinted to be a cross between a lupine Pan and The Pied Piper which is certainly something different […] Werewolf Castle also ends on an unexpected, but totally fitting note. It shows that Steeds certainly put some effort and creativity into the script […] It’s just too bad the film was maybe a bit too ambitious for its budget and the available locations.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:
In the UK, High Fliers Films released Werewolf Castle on DVD on January 31st 2022.

Technical details:
1 hour 32 minutes


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