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Echoes of Fear will be released in the UK by Second Sight Films On-demand and download on 20th July 2020 and on DVD on 3rd August 2020.

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‘Evil hides inside’

Echoes of Fear is a 2018 American horror feature film about a young woman who inherits her grandfather’s house when he mysteriously dies.

Co-directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley (Malignant; Dark Remains; Ghost of the Needle; Free’z’er) and Laurence Avenet-Bradley from a screenplay written by the former, the Avenet Images Productions movie stars Trista Robinson, Hannah Race, Paul Chirico and Marshal Hilton.


After inheriting her grandfather’s home due to his sudden death, Alysa returns to her childhood house to make the necessary repairs in order to sell it.

However, as she begins packing, her grandfather’s belongings, something inside the house starts spooking her. Even her pet mouse senses a presence.

And now, within the secret rooms and hidden crawlspace beneath the house, Alysa realises that she must uncover the evil that hides inside…


“The Avenet-Bradley marriage plays with common horror tropes to create a dense atmosphere and some of the best jump scares I can remember from a movie with such a limited budget. The only thing against the movie I can come off with are some dumb decisions by some characters, but nothing that significantly affects the plot.” 10th Circle

“This movie takes a definite turn in the last part, so the rug gets pulled out from under you. It’s better than most of the WalMart straight to streaming dreck out there and certainly worth a watch.” B&S About Movies

“I love when indie horror films can give me a coherent story line without focusing too much on the visuals until they need to. The story was strong throughout, and while the characters weren’t my favorite, I’m interested to see what these directors come up with in the future.” CRP Writes

“Straightforward, I know, but it has some unique charm. The cinematography is sophisticated and used so well here that it feels like a big budget film. The editing and score are also impressive. It feels like an early Japanese horror film with the close camera work and intimate settings.” Dead, Buried, and Back!

” …works really well. The first part may be a bit slow, but don’t let that fool you. This is an awesome horror movie with lots of brilliant scares.” Heaven of Horror

Echoes of Fear is equally an elegant throwback to horror films like The Innocents, and a modern look at the fine line between the natural world and the supernatural. And it has perfectly timed moments of suspense and scares. I say scares with a smile.” Hellbent for Horror

” …if Echoes of Fear had been made in the early 1970s and shot on 16mm I don’t doubt that now it would be lauded as a lost minor classic. It’s unlikely to receive such accolades today, but Echoes of Fear is certainly going to warm the heart of any fan of the golden era of low budget US exploitation to know that movies like this, made with no money but plenty of ambition and obvious knowledge of the genre, are still out there to be discovered.” House of Mortal Cinema

” …Echoes of Fear is terrifying. The husband and wife duo of Brian Avenet-Bradley and Laurence Avenet-Bradley manage to make this film scary, even though they’re playing with the tropes of the genre. Just because they’re subverting the cliches of the genre doesn’t mean they can’t still use them to generate scares, and do so very successfully!” Nerdly

“A consistently absorbing horror/mystery punctuated by genuine jolts.” Rue Morgue

“This is an intricately woven tale full of mystery, intrigue, and gripping suspense. There’s a lot of clever red herrings and misdirection thrown at you to keep you guessing, an elaborate labyrinth of twists and turns that keeps you absolutely enthralled from start to finish.” Pop Horror

“The script is smart and the characters are well developed. The majority of the film focuses on psychological and supernatural horror, with some occasions for terrific practical effects and makeup work […] The performances are all solid, but Robinson is outstanding as Alisa, nailing each of her character’s myriad emotions…” The Scariest Things

“It embraces the conventions of generic horror, including the obvious ‘final girl’ mentality, then dips it all in a charnel house of terror bathed in a genuinely icky sense of plausibility […] the low key approach to dread finding just the right hooks in delivering what it promises. Recommended.” That Moment In

“The Avenet-Bradleys have distilled the essence of the haunted house film to create the first hour of Echoes of Fear. The care they put into taking what the viewers expect and doing it right makes all the difference. Too many films simply throw cliches up on the screen and walk through them lifelessly. Here the situations are carefully set up and pulled off so you jump even when you know where the story is going.” Voices from the Balcony

“Leading lady Trista Robinson faces her fears with a well-written character and performance that echoes real life as opposed to your typical Hollywood horrors.” Without Your Head


Echoes of Fear received its world premiere at the 18th annual Shriekfest Horror Festival in Los Angeles on October 5th 2018, where it won Best Supernatural Horror Feature. Fourteen festival showings have since followed and the film has won six Best Feature Awards.

Artist Rights Distribution gave the film a US theatrical release in October and November 2019. The movie will be available On Demand on January 1st 2020.

Main cast:

  • Trista Robinson … Alisa
  • Hannah Race … Steph
  • Paul Chirico … Brandon
  • Marshal Hilton … David
  • Elif Savas
  • Danilo Di Julio
  • Ian Heath
  • Norman Zeller … Grandfather
  • Curt Lambert
  • Anatol Felsen
  • William Sebastian Munoz … (as William Lopez Muno)

Technical credits:

  • 89 minutes
  • 4K HD

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