DELIRIUM aka THE HAUNTING OF EMILY (2015) Reviews and overview



‘What was lost should not always be found.’

Delirium is a 2015 American horror film about a young girl who is mysteriously returned home to her mother and stepfather… having been missing for over a year. Unfortunately, it seems that something came with her. Also released as The Haunting of Emily

Directed and edited by Jared Stanton [as Jared Black] from a screenplay co-written with Thor Wixom. Produced by Stacey Black, Ben Shani and Jared Stanton [as Jared Black].


The Mardell Productions movie stars Nathan Polzin, Jolene Kay, Taylor Pigeon, Seven Castle, Chris Gann and Shawn O’Malley.



“Despite the many negative aspects I could choose to focus on here, there are one or two glimmers of hope. Black needs a few more resources for his next movie. A stronger script, maybe not written by himself (to allow himself a bit more distance), could make all the difference. And an editor who will remind him that simple and clean is sometimes the best way to layout the steps of a narrative.” Flick Feast

Delirium ultimately presents itself as a psychological thriller but suffers from choppy editing which sees scenes jump from one scene to another without explanation or clarity, which in turn often leaves the viewer disorientated with what they’re seeing on-screen. A reason for this manic editing is sort of explained in the latter scenes of the film but feels too much of a cop-out to justify the poorly executed narrative.” Horror Cult Films


“There are basically no effective moments of shock. And the mood is far from real horror. Proof of the dramaturgical inadequacies is not least the hastily unwound finale, in which the makers in a less elegant way draw a bow to the mysterious introduction and again give away the audience’s involvement frivolously.” Kino-Zeit [translated from German]

“Almost everything in this film is preposterous, from character motivations, to police procedure, to props. At one point a tertiary character goes back to the scene of the crime with a cigarette lighter as her only source of lighting. Why not a flashlight? She knows where she’s going, according to the confusing flashbacks she’s been to this place before.” UK Horror Scene



Cast and characters (in credits order):

Nathan Polzin … Timothy
Jolene Kay … Rachel
Taylor Pigeon … Emily Dixon
Seven Castle … Beth (as Shalaina Castle)
Chris Gann … Barry Dixon
Shawn O’Malley … Tyler
Sam Spade … Al
Jim Collins … Timothy’s Dad
Elizabeth Colunga … Natalie
Tony Cuviello … Jason
James Duval … Burell
Zachary Haas … Young Timothy
Melissa LeEllen … Stephanie
Sarah Mandell … Lizzy
Bojan Micic … Roy
Danny Minnick … Wilson
Arthur Reznik … Arthur
Kaley Victoria Rose … Kaitlynn (as Rachel Wixom)
Ava Sarnowski … Young Lizzy

Technical details:

Running time: 1 hour 21 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1


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