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The Evil Dead Groovy Collection is now available!

The Lionsgate set combines The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, and all three seasons of the Ash vs. Evil Dead series to 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital in a groovy big box set stuffed with extras. Army of Darkness is not included for contractual reasons. Special features:

The Evil Dead 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray special features:

Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Sam Raimi, producer Robert G. Tapert and Star Bruce Campbell

The Evil Dead DVD special features:

One by One We Will Take You: The Untold Saga of The Evil Dead
The Evil Dead: Treasures from the Cutting Room Floor
Life After Dead: The Ladies of The Evil Dead
The Ladies of The Evil Dead Meet Bruce Campbell
At the Drive-In
Reunion Panel
Discovering The Evil Dead
Make-Up Test
TV Spots

Evil Dead II 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray special features:

Bloody and Groovy, Baby! — Tribute to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II
Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Sam Raimi, Actor Bruce Campbell, Co-writer Scott Spiegel, and Special Makeup Effects Artist Greg Nicotero
Blu-ray™ Special Features:
Swallowed Souls: The Making of Evil Dead II
Cabin Fever: Behind the Scenes of Evil Dead II
Road to Wadesboro: Revisiting the Shooting Location with Filmmaker Tony Elwood
Evil Dead II: Behind the Screams
The Gore the Merrier
Still Galleries
Audio Commentary

Ash vs. Evil Dead The Complete Collection: Blu-ray special features:

Season 1:

Inside the World of Ash
How to Kill a Deadite
Best of Ash
Audio Commentaries
Season 2:

Season 2 First Look
Inside the World of “Ash vs Evil Dead”
Up Your Ash
Women Who Kick Ash
Puppets Are Cute
Dawn of the Spawn
Bringing Henrietta Back
The Delta
How To Kill a Deadite
Fatality Mash-Up
Audio Commentaries
Season 3:

Season Overview
Inside the World of “Ash vs Evil Dead”
Audio Commentaries

Meanwhile, here is our previous coverage of this horror-comedy classic:

‘Kiss your nerves goodbye’

Evil Dead II is a 1987 American horror-comedy film directed by Sam Raimi. More than a sequel, it is a reboot of the 1981 film The Evil Dead. Co-written by Raimi and Scott Spiegel, it was produced by Rob Tapert and stars Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams.

The movie is often referred to as Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn on publicity material.

Filming took place in Michigan and North Carolina in 1986 and the film was released in the United States on March 13, 1987. It was a decent box office success, achieving $10.9 million. It also received critical acclaim. Watchers praised Raimi for the direction and Campbell for his role in the film. Evil Dead II was eventually followed by Army of Darkness.

evil dead 2_n


Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his girlfriend Linda (Denise Bixler) take a romantic vacation in his 1973 Oldsmobile to a seemingly abandoned cabin in the woods. While in the cabin, Ash plays a tape of an archaeology professor (the cabin’s previous inhabitant), reciting passages from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (or “Book of the Dead”), which he has discovered during an archaeological dig.

The recorded incantation unleashes an evil force that kills and later possesses the body of Linda. Ash is then forced to decapitate his girlfriend for his own safety. After he buries her, a spirit is seen on the hunt for Ash. Ash becomes briefly possessed by the demon, but when the day breaks the spirit is gone, he is back to normal.

Ash finds little chance of safety, however, as the bridge leading to the cabin is destroyed. To make things worse, Ash is forced to sever his right hand, which has become possessed.

While Ash is dealing with this force, the professor’s daughter, Annie, and her research partner, Ed Getley, return from the dig with more pages of the Necronomicon in tow, only to find the destroyed bridge. They enlist the help of Jake and Bobby Joe to guide them along an alternate trail to the cabin. The four of them find an embattled Ash, who is, seemingly, slowly being driven insane due to his encounter with the demon…



“Although the first film has its place in movie history – and rightly so – it has often been said by Raimi that a lot of the dark humour got lost amongst the rapid special effects and overall tone of the low-budget shocker so […] Raimi injected his sequel with more of the Three Stooges-style humour that he always envisioned. But whatever Sam Raimi brought in terms of scripted slapstick, it was Bruce Campbell who really stepped up and gave his all in terms of performance.” Ancient Slumber

Evil Dead 2 remains one the most truly joyful horror films ever made. Its macabre, maniacal and irreverent heart comes through the unique presence of Campbell. Never has an actor embodied a character as he does with Ash. Raimi ensures that the blood and gore is plentiful and frequent, as are the beautiful array of camera angles and shots, whilst Campbell brings a whole encyclopaedia of facial expressions.” Backseat Mafia


“It looks superficially like a routine horror movie, a vomitorium designed to separate callow teenagers from their lunch. But look a little closer and you’ll realize that the movie is a fairly sophisticated satire. Level One viewers will say it’s in bad taste. Level Two folks like myself will perceive that it is about bad taste.” Roger Ebert

” …the fact that Raimi and Campbell had begun their career alternating between horror shorts and Three Stooges knockoffs paid massive dividends: this is, without doubt, the most successful blend of horror and comedy, and a classic in either field.” Time Out London

evil dead 2 zombie

Evil Dead 2:  Dead by Dawn is an assault on the senses.  It’s not scary exactly, but it’s disgusting, hilarious, and strangely enough; quite beautiful.  Not only is it one of the greatest horror movies ever made, it also happens to be one of the greatest FILMS of all time.” The Video Vacuum


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Cast and characters:
Bruce Campbell … Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams
Sarah Berry … Annie Knowby
Dan Hicks … Jake
Kassie Wesley DePaiva … Bobby Joe (as Kassie Wesley)
Ted Raimi … Possessed Henrietta (as Theodore Raimi)
Denise Bixler … Linda
Richard Domeier … Ed Getley
John Peakes … Professor Raymond Knowby (as John Peaks)
Lou Hancock … Henrietta Knowby
Snowy Winters … Dancer
Sol Abrams … Fake Shemp (as Sid Abrams)
Josh Becker … Fake Shemp
Scott Spiegel … Fake Shemp
Thomas Kidd … Fake Shemp
Mitch Cantor … Fake Shemp
Jenny Griffith … Fake Shemp
William Preston Robertson … The Hand / The Dark Spirit / The Deer Head / The Enchanted Objects (voice)

Technical details:
1 hour 24 minutes
Audio: Mono
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1

Updated post. We initially posted Evil Dead II on 7th October 2012.


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