FOR ROGER (2021) Reviews and overview of part found-footage flick



For Roger is a 2021 American horror film about a grieving young man at a cabin in the woods who realises he is being watched.

Directed by Aaron Bartuska from a screenplay co-written with Gwyn Cutler and Derek Pinchot. Produced by David Sholom.

The Page Thirty-Four production stars Michael Andrusiewicz, Jenna Gibilisco, Nicholas Paparo and Russell Ranere.


After receiving word of his partner Clara’s passing, Roger travels to the desolate family cabin where they would often vacation together. As he pours over the home videos recorded during their trips, Roger begins to realise that someone has been watching them from the woods for years…



” …it’s very much a party to which you have to bring your own bottle of interpretation. The movie has clearly been crafted towards a low-budget production – basically three characters and a single location – and it’s to its credit this rarely feels “cheap”. Good use, in particular, is made of the cabin, which appears an ominous setting from the moment we first arrive and comes close to being a fourth character.” Film Blitz

” …For Roger is not entirely terrible, boasting a fairly decent final act albeit lackluster. Its bland visual presence and tedious story makes the overall product feel somewhat of a slog, which is an absolute shame as glimpses of merit make themselves known throughout; unfortunately to and far between. This may have been For Roger, but it was certainly not for me.” Love Horror

” …the lead is forced to realise his abusive, gaslighting ways from both an audience’s perspective and as someone who is constantly being watched – either by the stranger outside his window or the many deer heads that adorn the cabin walls. Despite being a slow burner then, For Roger is an interesting addition to the found footage genre and a must-see for fans of the format.” Moving Pictures Film Club

” …unfortunately the pay-off just isn’t there, even if I didn’t exactly dislike the ending. It very much felt like this didn’t need the added horror part of the story, this does come across as tacked on to some twisted love story. With many people involved so inexperienced, I think there’s some stuff to be impressed with in For Roger. ” Nerdly

Cast and characters:

Michael Andrusiewicz … Roger
Jenna Gibilisco … Clara
Nicholas Paparo … The Watcher
Russell Ranere … Clara’s Dad

Technical details:

88 minutes
Aspect ratio: 4:3


$4,000 (estimated)


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