ROAD TO REVENGE aka ROYALS’ REVENGE (2020) Reviews and overview of Western



‘Revenge is a family business’

Road to Revenge is a 2020 American Western film about four estranged siblings who set out on a quest to avenge the death of their family. Setting aside old feuds and impossible odds, they will face off against a ruthless cattle baron who owns every gun hand in the territory and is running for governor. Also known as Royals’ Revenge.

Directed by Kellen Garner and Christopher Sheffield from a screenplay by the former, based on a story by George Nelson.

The movie stars Kellen Garner, Alexis Moeller, Aaron Ginn-Forsberg, George Nelson, Jeremy A. Lopez, Chade Green and Ed Vanderlee.



Royals’ Revenge is an excellently-performed bit of indie fare for fans of Westerns and revenge stories. The drama is amply topped off by introspective and intense dialogue moments, and tremendous screen chemistry among the toplining cast…” Film Combat Syndicate

” …a solid piece of western cinema that contains tons of action but at the same time is character-driven and chooses narrative tension over pure spectacle invariably, and it doesn’t go for “updating” the genre or give things a post-modernist spin, nor does it try the tongue-in-cheek approach. And a solid directorial effort along with an able cast make this into a very cool piece of genre cinema,…” Search My Trash

“The action scenes we do get are a nicely staged mix of gunfights, brawls and even a bare-knuckles boxing match. The climactic showdown between the Royals and Slade and his men is a solid note for Road to Revenge to end on. […] Unfortunately, the attempts at character-driven scenes between the bursts of violence don’t work nearly as well.” Voices from the Balcony

Main cast and characters:

Kellen Garner … Travis Royal
Alexis Moeller … Lucy Royal
Aaron Ginn-Forsberg … Pete Royal
George Nelson … William Slade
Jeremy A. Lopez … Micah Grady
Chade Green … Brody ‘Clubber’ Royal
Ed Vanderlee … Farrell

Filming locations:

Seligman, Arizona


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