TWO DEATHS OF HENRY BAKER (2020) Review and release news



‘A legacy of greed’

Two Deaths of Henry Baker is a 2020 American thriller about a family feud and a bloody battle for possession of a fortune in gold.

Directed by Felipe Mucci – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay written by Sebastian Pigott.

The movie stars Gil Bellows, Tony Curran, Joe Dinico, Sebastian Pigott, Dani Kind and Jess Salgueiro.


When infamous outlaw Henry Baker (Gil Bellows) is released from prison after twenty-five years, old friends and enemies are waiting for him. The son he left behind, entrusted to watch over his ill-gotten riches. A bearded vagrant with a pistol and a decades-old bullet scar in his stomach. An alcohol-soaked deputy with half an ear on one side. And a burnt-out street hustler with a sick mother and a festering vendetta. The combined misfits track Henry to a dilapidated hotel where he plans to reunite with his son and the secret bag of gold he left behind…



“The no-man-standing conclusion has the whiff of dramatic nihilism, and it’s nowhere as perversely operatic as you might hope it would be. Still, the film projects both a strong intelligence and lots of ambition, two attributes to be heartily applauded. Most of the cast acquit themselves nicely…” The Austin Chronicle

Release date:

Two Deaths of Henry Baker premiered at the 2020 Austin Film Festival.

In the USA, Saban Films will release Two Deaths of Henry Baker on DVD and On-Demand on January 25th, 2022.


Cast and characters:

Gil Bellows … Henry Baker / Sam Bird
Tony Curran … Sheriff Ron Capman
Sebastian Pigott … Hank
Jess Salgueiro … Marienne
Joe Dinicol … Sam Bird Jr.
Dani Kind … Lucille
Corteon Moore … Brumby
Sergio Di Zio … Lieutenant Eldridge
Nigel Shawn Williams … Carlos
Michael Swatton … Anson Baker
Jack Murray … Roger
Oziah Carreira … Young Henry Baker
Taivus Carreira … Young Sam Bird
Gunnar Burke … Young Hank Baker
Tyler Airdrie … Julian
River Waterstone … Carnal-Worker
Jack Langhorn … Gunman
Steven Vlahos … Clerk
Benjamin Blais … Neal
Deanna Jarvis … Helena


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