FORGOTTEN TRASH (2019) Preview and overview



‘Your death is their TV dinner’

Forgotten Trash is a 2019 Canadian science fiction horror film about a film graduate who stumbles across an alien in the woods. The latter convinces him to help with an intergalactic television show. In it, the alien travels from planet to planet torturing and killing its inhabitants.

Written, photographed, produced, directed and edited by Brandon Espana. The Retro Video Pictures production stars Connor McDonald and Steve Kasan.

Espana shot his film on a MiniDV camcorder then transferred it to VHS to get the grainy visuals. “I wasn’t trying to make something self-referential,” he explains. “It was always intended to be a straightforward, low-budget genre movie that draws influence from the ’70s and early ’80s regional horror.”


” …the film’s real saving grace is its story that beneath its somewhat rough and rugged surface manages to marry its horror to biting satire that shows quite some insight into the underbelly of media consumption, but all without ever forgetting to entertain the audience. A fun one for sure.” Search My Trash


Forgotten Trash can be bought as a digital download directly from Brandon Espana via this Google Form

Cast and characters:

Olivia Cugliari … Ms Deleware (segment: The Apparition and Ms Deleware)
Keenan Howard … Alien
Annaliese James … Katie
Steve Kasan … Man
Connor McDonald … Daniel
Ali Shmaisani … Apparition (segment: The Apparition and Ms Deleware)
Nate Wilson … Vince


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