TERROR TRIPS (2022) Preview of film location horror



‘Your nightmare is our business’

Terror Trips is a 2022 American film about some young friends who provide tours of horror movies until they encounter real-life horror.

Written, produced and directed by Jeff Seemann (Final Cut). Also produced by Marcus Bradford, Pamela Ford, Damian Maffei, Anita S Martin, Steven Hugh Nelson, Felissa Rose, Jace Smethurst and Charles Solomon Jr.

The LRB Productions movie stars Hannah Fierman (Evil Little Things; St. Agatha; Siren; The Unwanted; V/H/S), Abigail Esmena (Final Cut; Hard Kill; Don’t Tell a Soul; Slasher 2014), Chaney Morrow (Wrong Turn; Haunts; American Bigfoot), L.C. Holt, Roni Locke and Mike Blaney.


Six young friends start a business, providing guided tours to the shooting locations of the world’s most famous horror films until they, unfortunately, find the one spot where the horror is real…




Cast and characters:

Hannah Fierman … Ginny
Ashton Rogers … Ludwig
Damian Maffei … Lucas A. Ferrara
Abigail Esmena … George
Chaney Morrow … Eli
L.C. Holt … Ed
Iryna Scarola … Katarina
Kate Kiddo … Aleksandra
Bryan Kruse … Jaromir
Carol Ann Van Natten … Anna
Roni Locke … Molly
Anita S Martin … Jen Silver
Aga Cieslak … Luiza
Zak Bainazarov … Eryk
Andrew Gordon … Rob Carpenter
Dave Seemann … Stupid bar customer
Mike Blaney … Dan
Kamil Julfa … Konstantyn

Filming locations:

Guilford, Indiana
Cincinnati, Mariemont and Terrace Park, Ohio

Filming dates:

10th September 2020 – 2nd October 2020

Working title:

On Location

Teaser trailer:

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