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‘Your nightmare is our business’
Terror Trips is a 2022 American film about some friends who provide tours of horror movie locations until they encounter real-life horror.

Written, produced and directed by Jeff Seemann (Final Cut). Also produced by Marcus Bradford, Pamela Ford, Damian Maffei, Anita S Martin, Steven Hugh Nelson, Felissa Rose, Jace Smethurst and Charles Solomon Jr.

The LRB Productions movie stars Hannah Fierman (Evil Little Things; St. Agatha; Siren; The Unwanted; V/H/S), Abigail Esmena (Final Cut; Hard Kill; Don’t Tell a Soul; Slasher 2014), Chaney Morrow (Wrong Turn; Haunts; American Bigfoot), L.C. Holt, Roni Locke and Mike Blaney.


Six young friends start a business, providing guided tours to the shooting locations of the world’s most famous horror films until they, unfortunately, find the one spot where the horror is real…


Terror Trips begins well with some meta humour based on real horror film locations. The characters are mostly likeable and fans will probably appreciate the callbacks to movies they are familiar with which won’t be mentioned here for spoiler reasons.

Unfortunately, once the plot relocates to “Poland” (actually Ohio) the fun grinds to a halt amidst much pointless running around and never recovers. Instead, the film morphs into a belated sub-Hostel rehash that retains American xenophobia about Eastern Europe without any of the uncomfortable nastiness that made that film and its first sequel a worldwide hit.

Ultimately, the organ trafficking crime scenes take over completely and all we get for the remainder of Terror Trips is villains doing business on their mobile phones and some feeble fight scenes. To make matters worse, the final shots in a supposedly moving car are distractingly unconvincing.

Overall, the film’s descent into blandness is a real shame as initially, Terror Trips seemed like it might be a genuinely good time.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA


Other reviews:

Terror Trips had the potential to be a brilliant and engaging horror film, but it instead falls flat due to a majorly boring script that waits far too long to get to the nitty-gritty.” Caillou Pettis Movie Reviews

“Not only is Terror Trips devoid of anything that can be remotely considered scary, it’s visually dull too. Every exterior angle appears to have been shot in a snowstorm because the camera’s white balance is set to “Atomic Explosion.” Deaths either occur offscreen or are the result of a small scalpel silently slicing across some skin. Unmotivated acting never rises above the level of adults playing make-believe.” 30/100, Culture Crypt

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