DAMON’S REVENGE (2022) Preview with trailer



‘He’s coming for you’

Damon’s Revenge is a 2022 American horror film about young adults being stalked by a masked killer at a house by a lake. The movie is a sequel to Burial Ground Massacre (2021).

Directed by David Gere from a screenplay co-written with Eric Weinstock. Produced by David Gere, Paul Luba, Chelsea Vale, Chad A. Verdi Jr. and Chad A. Verdi.

The movie stars Tom Sizemore, Michael Madsen, Robert LaSardo, Chelsea Vale, Tom DeNucci, Joey Ambrosini, Forest Quaglia and Sully Erna.


A group of young adults spend the weekend at a friend’s house by the lake. Joined by the local sheriff, the group encounters an escaped convict Indigenous American chief, a copycat killer and the return of the terrifying masked stalker, Damon…

Release date:

January 20th 2022.

Cast and characters:

Tom Sizemore … Sheriff Walsh
Michael Madsen … Damon
Robert LaSardo … Victor
Chelsea Vale … Adrianna
Tom DeNucci … Johnny
Joey Ambrosini … Perry
Forest Quaglia … Zack
Sully Erna … Deputy Price
David Gere … Mr Greene
Hannah Dannelly … Tina
Jim Vitale … Masked Damon
Chris Whitcomb … Javon
Bob Dio … Crime Scene Investigator
Eric Weinstock … Detective Henry
Alessandria Greene … Sonja
Claudio Orefice … Captain Peters
Alec Nevin … Spencer
Christopher C. Romero … Chief Tocho
Daniel Jacobi … Billy Horton
Curtis Edwards … Kitchi
Savannah Giammarco … News Reporter
Talia Weinstock … Claire
June Hargrove … Mato
Sue Velasquez … Tora’s Mother
Gia Stanco … Waitress
Kurita … Tora
Toby Weinstock … Denise
Dean Brown … Helicopter Pilot

Working title:

Burial Ground Massacre: Reborn


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