GHOST MANSION (2021) Reviews and overview of Korean anthology



Ghost Mansion is a 2021 Korean horror anthology film with five tales revolving around a webtoon writer visiting an abandoned apartment block. Also known as Monster Mansion

Directed by Jo Ba-Reun [조바른] making his feature film debut.

The movie stars Seo Hyun-woo (Seire; Steel Cold Winter aka Sonyeo), Bo-ra Kim [김보라] (Monster 2014; The Evil Twin), Hong-pa Kim [김홍파] (Svaha: The Sixth Finger), Jae-hwa Kim (Mourning Grave), Sung Joon Park and Park So-jin (Zombie Crush in Heyri).



Horror webtoon writer Ji-woo arrives at a shabby apartment building called Gwanglim Mansion in search of ideas. The middle-aged caretaker with an expressionless facial expression unravels a bundle of strange events that happened in the apartment, and rooms 504, 708… The more Ji-woo hears the story, the more he becomes obsessed with the Ghost Mansion.


” …the jump scares, of which there are many, get tedious and repetitive, making the whole movie a disappointment. Ghost Mansion isn’t a complete disaster though. The lives of these characters intersect more than they themselves know and Jo films one scene where they do from three different angles, giving audiences each of the characters’ perspectives.” Howard for Film


“Between the third-party mistress frantic to cover up for her lover and the writer hungry for success, there is a lot more one can tease from these characters than to resort to having them play out their temptations so simply. If one is looking for visual thrills and spills, Ghost Mansion covers good grounds. But just set aside investing into a narrative for this film – you’ll then enjoy the scares that much more.” Movie Exclusive

“The only story I felt dragged down the quality was the last story. It felt too long, and when we finally get the answer to the big mystery, it felt a little flat and generic. But other than that, this is an entertaining horror movie that didn’t surprise me. But it has tension in several scenes, and it also creates the right atmosphere.” Not Only Hollywood

“The actors’ performances are solid if unremarkable, and Jo fails to give the audience anyone to root for. Ji-woo is more cipher than hero and is off-screen for much of the action. As a result, Ghost Mansion leaves its audience watching a succession of flawed strangers meet their sticky end at the hands of a rogue’s gallery of tormentors who also change with each story.” South China Morning Post

Release date:

Released in Korea on June 30th 2021.


Technical details:

1 hour 46 minutes

Original title:

괴기맨숀 “Grotesque Mansion”

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Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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