I HEAR THE TREES WHISPERING (2022) Reviews and overview

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‘Something is not right in this place’

I Hear the Trees Whispering is a 2022 mystery drama about a man who takes a job in the middle of a forest to escape his tormented past. However, his quiet life is shattered when it soon turns out nothing around him is what it seems.

Written and directed by József Gallai (The Whispering ManSpirits in the DarkMothA Guidebook to Killing Your ExBodom).

The Hungarian-American-British-Norwegian production stars Gábor Varga (voice), Laura Saxon (voice), Larry Hankin, Bill Oberst Jr., (voice) (PainkillerThe Good Things Devils Do; The Parish; Devil’s Junction: Handy Dandy’s Revenge and many more) Anita Tóth, Jon Vangdal Aamaas, Nyell and Beáta Boldog.



I Hear the Trees Whispering is a departure from József’s other found footage films, with less of the scare and more of the mystery, and you will not see the twist coming until it hits you right between the eyes.” Road Rash Reviews

“Wisely not stretching its plot any further than necessary, I Hear the Trees Whispering runs seventy-seven minutes including credits. That’s just long enough to tell its story and wrap things up on a note […] Gallai tried something different here, and for the most part, it works as long as you don’t mind the slow burn.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Gábor Varga … Will (voice)
Laura Saxon … June (voice)
Larry Hankin … Dale
Bill Oberst Jr. … Chuck (voice)
Anita Tóth … Lily
Jon Vangdal Aamaas … Harald
Nyell … Peter
Beáta Boldog … Sara
Zsófia Gallai … Little Girl
Laura Ellen Wilson … Radio Announcer (voice)
Mindy Dougherty … Radio Announcer (voice)
Anais Jessica Berinde … Radio Announcer (voice)
Pete Baez … Radio Announcer (voice)
Shawn Michael Clankie … Radio Announcer (voice)
Joseph Richmond … Radio Announcer (voice)

Filming locations:

Isztimér, Hungary

Technical details:

1 hour 18 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1

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